Blind Ninja: Sing Now Available in Google Play

Blind Ninja: Sing Now Available In Google Play.

For fans of mini games, there is one game that currently comes to fill your spare time. This time, the player will play the character of a blind ninja. Entitled Blind Ninja : Sing, all players need to do just run, jump and smash all things.

This side-scrolling game genre is about ninja where the character ninja is blind and player’s task is to train the ninja to throwing shuriken, jumping from the top of the building and got out of the house. Ninja will be able to run faster and the enemies will move more flexibly as well as endless running genre.

With the combination of unique combos and proper spacing, character ninja will issue aura grayish black. Blind Ninja has 2D graphics are better, faster and smoother animation and a soundtrack that is quite comfortable in the ear. If you want to try this game you can download via link below.

Android Market Link: Blind Ninja: Sing

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