Diablo III – Coming to a Console Near You?

Give the mouse a break.

Yesterday, I read something pretty interesting on Polygon (via VR-Zone) about Blizzard Entertainment’s 2012 sequel-yet-not-quite-a-successor Diablo III. Apparently, the Southern California snowstorm has implementations of the hack ‘n slash grinder working on console units, they’re still being hush-hush about the future of console editions of Diablo III. On top of that, 2013’s allegedly got an expansion coming in (please, please, please, please, Blizzard, give us a Paladin, we need a second Strength-using class, but keep the cheesy de-syncing hammers this time around).
I’m curious how any Diablo game would play on a console – the game as played on a PC is pretty tightly bound to a mouse cursor, and controlling said cursor with a control stick on a joypad seems awkward, but how is a character going to use an area-targeted ability like Meteor or Hydra if they’re moving with a control stick? The implementation seems wonky, unless Blizzard has a good answer.

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