How Do You Counter Leblanc? – League of Legends Strategy Guide

LeBlanc is the strongest mid laning champion in the game. With the ability to deal 60% of a person HP at level 6, it’s no wonder people are having a hard time! Counter her with these tactics.

How to Counter LeBlanc

Before we begin, let me just state that LeBlanc is a seriously broken champion. She is the only champion that can deplete an enemy’s HP completely with only a few moves in such a short duration of time. On the other hand, she is also the only champion that can fail so hard with over 20 kills late game.

You get where I’m going here?

Early Game Against LeBlanc – Middle Lane

99 times out of 100, the enemy LeBlanc will head mid. To counter her, you want to choose a champion that can shut her down early. Leblanc is DEADLY at level 4, so you want to keep her from getting EXP for as long as possible. 

Good champions to counter her would be anyone DPS, but most specifically Miss Fortune due to her Double Up. It wouldn’t be a bad idea either to send a tanky person mid, anyone with sustain (Fiddlesticks drain or Nidalee heal), or any champion that is naturally long range, such as Lux or Gragas.

Once you find your champion, have them head mid and, once laning starts, go after LeBlanc repeatedly. Don’t be afraid of her Sigil of Silence at level 1 (the most common first skill choice) – it deals only 70 damage and the second half of the damage doesn’t activate unless another skill is used. Her auto attack damage is also negligible. 

If you manage to harrass until level 4 you could manage to get a couple of kills. But once level 4 hits, back-off and farm. Odds are the LeBlanc will get you to around 20% HP if you’re not too careful.

The first time you go back to base, immediately get a megatron cloak. This reduces LeBlanc’s damage SIGNIFICANTLY, and will allow you to farm and deliver damage without too much consequence. Keep doing this and slowly build up your Banshee’s Veil – you’ll need it for Mid Game.

Mid Game Against LeBlanc 

Once LeBlanc hits level 6, tell your team or jungler to start placing wards in the river. A good LeBlanc will start to roam in order to nab kills. LeBlanc is a horrible farmer and leveler, so she depends on early game kills in order to transition to late game. If you keep her from getting kills and building up her mejai’s soulstealer she’ll be a feeding machine.

If you’re in other lanes, feel free to push hard when you see that LeBlanc is on the opposite lane. Use Map Awareness to your advantage so you can balance the battle towards your favor.


LeBlanc is the type of champion that forces you to surrender. Her getting 20 or so kills is just an illusion – in the end she will deal close to no damage with only a little magic resist. Just push until end game. The only time you should be worried is if the other enemy champions are fed as well.

Late Game Against LeBlanc

By the time Mid Game ends and Late Game begins, LeBlanc should be very easy to kill. If, by rare chance, you are against a good LeBlanc, continue to build that Banshee’s Veil if you haven’t already. Also have the support in your team place wards. LeBlanc is naturally ganky so knowing when she’s coming will help a ton.

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