Next Xbox Requires Internet, No Secondhand Games

Goodbye, right of first sale.

I read a piece on Tom’s Hardware (here) that doesn’t bode well for the future eighth generation of video game consoles. The next generation of Xbox (some call it the Xbox 720, others the Infinity, or by it’s Microsoft project name, “Durango“) is alleged (here) by Edge Magazine to require a constant internet connection to function. What this could mean is the possible death of the second-hand games market – why buy a used game at a discount if the console won’t run it at all or if it requires you to cough up some arbitrary number of Microsoft points or whatever currency they use? This could also devastate the brick and mortar games store – you’ve been into a GameStop or the like, you see what portion of their business is used games. As a consumer, I resent the intrusion on the right for me to sell my stuff after I’m done with it, too. If this is the case, I hope Sony doesn’t follow suit with the PS4.

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  1. Posted February 7, 2013 at 5:00 pm

    You may not know it but this is a good heads up for people like some of the young men in my family. Just like things are going digital everywhere, this may be part of it too. I’m just guessing though and probably sound stupid but technology is moving to fast for this girl LOL. Great article and subject! :)

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