RuneScape P2p Money-making Guide : 700k/h

Money-making tips and tricks I have picked up for P2P.

Welcome. My name is Michael AKA silencer580 and I make Runescape guides. This guide will be focusing on money making methods for P2P players only. Enjoy

Method 1: Swamp Lizards

Requirements: Priest in Peril Quest, 3 ropes, 3 small fishing nets.

Skills: 29 Hunter

With this method you will be catching swamp lizards and banking them at Canifis. They sell for around 1.8k but just wait for the bonus experience weekend as many people will be buying these lizards for summoning.

With this method you should make 500k per hour if you are under level 50, and 700k per hour if you are over 50 as well as gaining about 15k hunter experience per hour.

Method 2: Master Farmers

Requirements: 38 Thieving (recommended 42 Thieving), gloves of silence (optional), ardougne cape 3 (optional), food (if you want to stay longer)

Location: Draynor Village is the best as there are normally a lot of people thieving there helping you to block the master farmer.

Thieving Master farmers is a  great way to level up your thieving and make money. If you are lucky enough you may get a torstol seed which sells for around 300k! Other seeds to keep are watermelon seeds (worth 2,4k), snapdragon seeds (63k) , Ranarr seeds (7k) and Lantadyme seeds (33k). This method could make you 200k per hour if you are below level 60 and up to 900k per hour at level 99.

Method 3: High Alchemy

Requirements: 55 Magic, 1 Fire Staff and nature runes

Location: Grand Exchange or anywhere with a bank.

What To Buy: (a great website for high alchemy as it lists the latest items and profit.

High Alchemy is a great way for players to train magic and make a profit. However it can be very difficult to get the items to alch as they are normally treasure trails items. If you do find an item worth alching it can be very profitable as you can make 1k profit on some items and it only takes 3 seconds to alch. Turning on Mouse keys greatly reduces finger strain. To turn on mouse keys press left shift, ctrl and num lock. Position your noted items at the same position as the high alchemy spell and press 5 every few seconds. Expected Profit can be about 200k per hour and, if lucky, up to 500k per hour.


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