2012 The Game?! and Titanic The Video Game?!

What do you think?

do you think they are going to turn the hit movie ‘2012′ into a game, if so that would be amazing, just think about the possibilities the developers have to create it, and if they do make it would have graphics the same a crysis 2 or maybe even BETTER, if they made this game i think it would awesome, leave a comment on what you think, would it be a good idea?

On other notes I was in “Games” and found sitting on the Nintendo DS shelf a copy of Titanic the video game,

and really who would buy that (no offence to anyone who has bought it) i think all that the game includes is a 5 second cut scene of the titanic sinking in bad 2d graphics, but apparently what i guessed it was one of those find clue games, so you would go around the titanic and find what sunk it, one problem with that is that in real life there are tons of theories of how it sunk here is a one of them, “their was a bolt that was loose before they hit the iceberg” so what do you think is it a good game and would you buy it.


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  1. KACler
    Posted September 1, 2011 at 11:10 am

    If you want a Titanic video game wait for the Mafia Titanic mod. The release is next year!

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