Difference Between Nintendo Dsl and Dsi? Is It Worth It?

What is the difference? And is it worth it?

Hey I got a new blue DSL!
Oh yeah? I got a new white DSi! So what is the difference man? No big deal.

Ok so the new Nintendo DSi has a small camera and new functions now. Big deal! Its exactly a big copy of the DSL but just with the mini camera which cost 50$ more. So you guys might think “Oh yeah its worth it!” Well I don’t think it is. Yes, it might have a new camera with a fresher look but who cares? This is the story from my point of view.

The Nintendo company first released the Nintendo DS (Double Screen). It was a big hit but just didn’t look that good, had a bad style and a dark screen. So they started planning of making an upgrade version of it. A more slim, fresh, lighter DS. It was called the DS Light (Also known as the DSL). It was a bigger hit as well! But the Nintendo company still wanted more money. So again they planned a newer project.

 When I went to buy my DSL, I was excited! Yes I sound like a 8-9 year old kid but I’m not. Anyways, I went to Target because they were offering a package and I heard the lady said there was going to be a new DS called the DSi but I was like, No thanks.

It was just 50-100$ more just for a little camera!

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