Game Epic Mickey Comes to 3Ds by Title Power of Illusion

Earlier it was confirmed that the game Epic Mickey: The Power of Two will be launched for the Wii.

The cover of the latest Nintendo Power magazine has revealed. Earlier it was confirmed that the game Epic Mickey: The Power of Two will be launched for the Wii, but the latest cover of Nintendo Power magazine revealed that the Power Of Illusion game will also be launched to 3DS.

From the preview in Nintendo Power website, confirmed that the second game, be it The Power of Two and Power Of Illusion is the title of the same game Epic Mickey.

Mickey Mouse has a long history with the world of illusion and videogames. Castle of Illusion, Land of Illusion, and the World of Illusion is a game title ever in the starring Mickey Mouse on the Sega console. There has been no official announcement whether the game Power of Illusion has a relationship with Illusion games ever released before.

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  1. Posted March 28, 2012 at 6:13 am

    Wow micky mouse new game! Gotta play!

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