Elders Scrolls V Skyrim Cheats and Hints: Console-based Cheat Codes

If you are new to the Skyrim universe and are looking for a short-cut to win, then you should try these cheat codes to make things simpler. These are console-based cheats and hence require you to enable the console first by tweaking the game file.

The fifth itineration of the Elder Scrolls franchise promises to be more immersive than its predecessor. Its exceptional plot, breathtaking visuals and exotic dragons are some of its splendid features. However, gamers new to the Elder Scrolls universe will find this game quite tough. For expert RPGers, Skyrim will be a treat to play. But newbie players might want to experiment with working Elder Scroll Skyrim cheats so that they can make gameplay a bit easier.

Cheats and Hints: How to Enable the Cheat Console?

Like other Elder Scroll games, Skyrim allows gamers to invoke the console and enter cheat codes to activate them. However, one needs to be careful with these console-based cheats. I would recommend you try the game first and then use these cheat codes if you find yourself stuck anywhere in the game.

If you’ve made up your mind and want to try them, then better make a backup of any files before using the console.

To enable the cheat console, follow these simple steps:

  1. (If you have purchased a boxed PC game, then you must follow these steps. As far as I know, digital versions do not require any tweaking.)
  2. Locate the “My Games” folder in “My Documents” and open the folder
  3. Look for Skyrim.ini file. This is where you will activate the console command. Right-click the file and look for the command line bAllowConsole. It should be there below the “General” category.
  4. Set the bAllowConsole command to 1. Don’t forget to save the file (Press Ctrl+S to save). This will enable your console. Make sure you have a backup of the Skrim.ini file (copy this file and save it to another location)

 Entering Skyrim Cheats into the Console

Now play the game and while playing press the tilde (~) key. This will activate the console. Cannot find it? Well, look below and you will see a prompt at the bottom of the screen. Previous consoles looked more like the DOS command prompt, but nowadays these prompts have slimmed up and are usually located at the bottom of the game screen.

Enter these cheat codes. I think these cheats have been used by other gamers and so I will label it as “confirmed” cheats, but if you find some problems within these cheats, then do let me know:

  • ·         To enable God Mode, type “TGM” or “TMG” (without quotes)
  • ·         Type psb to provide spells to your character
  • ·         To revive a non-player character or enemy type “resurrect” (without quotes)
  • ·         To kill an enemy or non-player character, type “Kill”
  • ·         To unlock a spell-heavy or normal locked door, enter “unlock”
  • ·         To advance to the next level, enter “advlevel”
  • ·         To tag all maps as marked, enter “tmm 1” in the console

To add items into your character’s kit, follow these Elder Scroll Skyrim cheats:

In the console enter player.additem item_code x (where x is the code that needs to entered to have the respective item added). Here are the codes:

  • ·         To add skeleton keys enter this code: 0000000b
  • ·         To Add Health Potions, type in this code: 3esde100x
  • ·         To add Gold, enter this code: 0000000f
  • ·         To add lockpicks, enter this code: 0000000a

For example, if you want to add health potions into your Skyrim character’s kit, type in player.additem item_code 3esde100x.

So, these are some of the best Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim cheat codes that players all around the world are using it now. Most players that I have conversed with have confirmed these cheats, but I would still want to know from you whether these cheats are working or not. Please leave a comment and suggest ways to improve this cheat list.

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