How to get PSN Codes for FREE

Need to unlock that magic feature or add some extra coins to complete a specific level of your favorite game? Try this PSN code generator!

No matter what console you own, PS2, PS3, PSP or the brand new PS Vita, no matter what game you are most addicted to, PSN codes are always a good thing to have.

These are alphanumeric codes that need to be inserted in your PSN account and, depending on the game, they may be used to unlock additional features or levels, add extra points, cash, coins etc…

For educational purposes only, you may want to test this PSN Codes Generator to get free PSN codes and see how the Playstation Network works for you and purchase at a later time if you liked it.

For example you may use it to get the few extra coins/points you need to reach a specific level in your favorite game, or unlock a feature just to test how it works.

I tested for 1 code and it worked for me.

I did not try it further as I like to pay for what I have.

However, I am not judging who thinks otherwise so feel free to use it.

Liked it
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