Launch of The Game Silent Hill: Book of Memories Postponed

Konami has just confirmed that Silent Hill game series exclusivePlayStation Vita again delayed the release.

Konami has just confirmed that Silent Hill game series exclusivePlayStation Vita again delayed the release.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories originally planned to be released on Tuesday, March 27, 2012, but the publisher has confirmed the delay in the release to Ripten by saying, ”Please be patient to await the formal announcement later.”

Retailer Amazon lists the release date of the game Silent Hill: Book of Memories on May 31, 2012 on the site sales, while Best Buy lists the release date of this game on 15 April 2012. Looks like the release date which is owned by the retailer is a release date set unilaterally, because until now Konami has not announced an official statement related to the new release date for the game Silent Hill: Book of Memories.

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