Lost Planet 3Ds: Ex Troopers Not Released for Western Region

Lost Planet 3DS: EX Troopers not released for western region.

Capcom has just announced that they currently have no plans to release the game Lost Planet 3DS titled EX Troopers anime style to other areas outside of Japan. American Capcom SVP Christian Svensson told Capcom’s official forums that, “This is not part of a series of official game Lost Planet. Right now there are no plans to release the game EX Troopers to the West.”

Last year the game EX Troopers trademark ever registered to North America and Europe. Although the chances are very small, hopefully someday EX Troopers English version will be released. Game EX Troopers planned to be released for the 3DS region of Japan on November 22, 2012.

You can watch game trailers EX Troopers on the video below.

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