Down for Maintenance During PSN

The PSN is down for maintenance for now…

You will turn on your TV and then start up your PS3. You want to play with friends Black Ops online but then you will get that Down for maintenance screen. You will get the bitter of frustration that still is lingering from the great PSN collapse of 2011. 

People just need to know that patience is a virtual and that we need in these times of need. I believe the PSN will be occurring more and more with the maintenance screen. The PSN is still recovering from the epicness that was done to it by anonymous but little by little things are getting back to normal.

There are times where I can’t even log into the PSN and says down for maintenance but sometimes it works just perfect.

I’ll take that right now because it will work here and there and not being like how it was before where it didn’t work at all.

Continue with your games and try the online gaming later, that time will come soon.

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