Five Reasons Why The Ps4 Will Dominate The Console Market

The PS4 has been announced and we know enough details about the console to know why it will dominate the next Xbox.

The PS4 is the talk of the gaming world, Microsofts’s silence after the PS4 reveal left many scratching their head. Microsoft finally revealed that it will show the world the next Xbox on May 21st. On this article I will provide irrefutable, factual evidence, as to why the PS4 will dominate the gaming market no matter what Microsoft announces and reveals about the next Xbox.

Reason #1: The PlayStation brand.

The PlayStation brand is impeccable it has been in the gaming industry way before the Xbox brand and it has hundredths of original classics exclusively made for a PlayStation. The PlayStation brand also carries the name of Sony you know what, I feel no one needs me to keep on going we all know about what I’m talking about. This is exactly why the PS4 will dominate the gaming market. You can say the author of this article is trolling blah, blah, blah. No this is fact, this is history.

Reason #2: First-party games.

The PS3 is a breeding ground with amazing and unique exclusive titles both in physical and digital (PSN only) format. This will for sure pass on to the PS4. The PS3 has amassed so many exclusives while the Xbox 360 has been reduced to just about only timed exclusive content that Microsoft pays for in order to trick people into buying an Xbox 360. The little exclusives on the Xbox 360 have been disappearing little by little, and finally making an appearance on the PS3- if you think about it, it’s another form of timed exclusivity, this time for years instead of a month.

Reason #3: The PlayStation Network (PSN).

The PlayStation Network is a service free of charge, it allows you to play games online for free, and download demos for free, and watch Netflix for free, and etc. for free, did I say free? Yes, Xbox Live charges you to watch Netflix, that is so ridiculous, its beyond ridiculous. I am sure with the release of the PS4 Sony will up the ante on the PSN. We already know we will be able to share video and a myriad of other things for free on PS4. Sony might incorporate a fee for larger usage but that’s understandable, and it won’t be mandatory because we already know its free, and it saves you money because you wont have to buy a video recording device to post videos on YouTube. I suggest you use the savings and get PS+, which is an excellent transition as it brings me towards my next point.

Reason #4: PS+

Oh! PS+, what an awesome service you are! Recent additions that I have gotten, already pay the price of $49.99 that I paid for PS+. Recent additions I got were Spec Ops: The line, Demon’s Souls, Sleeping Dogs (just yesterday!), I got a free God of War: Ascension avatar, free for PS+ only. That short list that only represents 2 months worth have paid and surpassed the price I paid for PS+. What else do I need to say, hmm…. what has Xbox Live done for you? I’m not trolling these are facts, there’s a difference.

Reason #5: The bad publicity Microsoft got for “always online” employee remark.

Although Microsoft reportedly debunked this in an email it sent to its employees, the negative publicity is still out there, and some people might never know the truth until they buy a PS4 and find out later on. Too late! Microsoft shot its own self in the foot by being quiet, some question the legitimacy of the email- we will find out the 21st.

This sums up my thoughts. I hope you enjoyed the read. Comment below if you’d like.

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