How to Fix Ps3 Not Reading Disc Problem

Find out how you actually can troubleshoot and fix Sony PS3 disc not reading problem yourself with just follow below simple steps:

What would you do when your PS3 games disc not able to read by PS3 console? Break your disc into pieces?Well, this is a annoying problem which face by most of the PS3 gamers like me. PS3 reading disc failure more point to technical support instead of addressable by software fixes. Keep on reading below article and find out few useful tips that allow you to troubleshoot this problem yourself and let your console get back to action again.

Generally, before go into deep to fix the disc read problem, is good that understand what is the reason that cause this problem happen. One of the reason this happen is due to problematic blu-ray disc drive.PS3 blu ray drive operate as a optical disc reader to scan & read any disc inserted into it, once drive damaged, the PS3 console disc reading function will be disable. In this case, you need to replace the PS3 drive in order to get your PS3 console get back to the games.

Another reason of this problem cause by blu-ray lens malfunction blocked by dirt and dust.This should be a easy solution as you need to get a PS3 lens cleaning kit then clean it to remove those blocking dust. Have to take note that some Ps3 model have one lens while other have two lenses making the need to get the right one paramount. If you don’t have any idea where to get PS3 cleaning kit, can visit HERE to get more idea.

Here got few troubleshooting tips that can share with your guys before send your PS3 console back to Sony manufacturing to repair. What you can do are:

1) Restart your PlayStation 3. Off your Ps3 console, wait for 30 minute then on it back. Sometime it may due to overheating & the console failed to read the disc.
2) Check for loose cables. Make sure all cables are well connected to the console and power code.
3) Unplug all cables, and plug them all back in correctly.
4) Take out the hard drive, and put it back in correctly.

What happen if above troubleshooting tips not work? You have 2 options now:

Option 1: As mention above, if your PS3 console warranty period still available, encourage you to send back your console back to Sony. They have their own ways to get your console repair. Else, if your PS3 warranty expired, you would have to paid the repairing charges of about USD 150. Secondly, you may need to wait for long time, to get your PlayStation3 game console back in your hand. Sometimes, you may also need to wait for over 6 weeks!

Option 2: Fix it yourself at home within 1 hour of time. You not need to be a technical geek in order to get your PS3 back on games, all you need is a professional PS3 repair guide that can help you on the job. Recommended my favorite PS3 fix guide – PS3 Light Fix, is the best PS3 repair guide so far, it cover everything that you need to know on how to fix PS3 problems. Each for different errors, including the PS3 light blinking error. You’ll get a PDF filed guide that goes into full detail about the PS3 light flashing errors & how you actually get rid of them.

PS3 Lights Fix will help you to fix the following errors:

- PS3 Yellow Light Of Death
– PS3 Red Light Of Death
– PS3 Green Light Of Death
– Freezing Games & Movies
– Hard Disk Read Errors.
– PS3 Error Codes – ps3 error 80711008, ps3 error 80710a06, ps3 home error d5027 & more..
– Ps3 Overheating
– PS3 Hardware Problems
– No Power Issues
– No Audio / Sound Problems – 3 beep issue
– Clean & Repair The Blu-Ray Lens In Your PS3
– Other Common PS3 Issues

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