Is Your Sony Ps3 Controller Dead?

During this generation of video games, the controllers for the Sony Playstation three are different than from the previous consoles. For the first time, the PS3 controller is completely wireless, but there could be a potential future problem.

Now that the Sony Playstation 3 has been released on the market for nearly three years, there is a possible problem happening with the owners. During the past two generations of the Sony Playstation video game consoles, the standard controllers have been wired to the system. In fact, for the other consoles this is also the same story. With this generation, the controller for the PS3 is wireless, which means there are batteries inside. Just like with all wireless electronic items with batteries, the battery inside will die after time.

Much like a battery for your cell phone, it never lasts forever. After one year or two, the battery starts to lose its life and eventually dies off. Is your PS3 controller dead right now? If your PS3 controller is not working its probably because the battery inside of it has died off. Inside of each wireless Sony PS3 controller, is a rechargeable battery connected inside. Did Sony make this rechargeable battery for the PS3 removable?

The answer is no. At least, this is what the official answer is. On most radios and cell phones, it is easy for you to take off the back of your device and change the battery. With the PS3, there is no compartment to open to change the battery. In fact, if you go to Walmart and look for a battery being sold by Sony, you won’t find one. So what do they expect you to do? Sony wants you to go out and buy a brand new PS3 controller, when your old one dies. How much does Sony charge for a new PS3 controller? Oddly enough only about $50 for each one. This is the highest priced controller ever for the Playstation.

It comes as a disappointment that Sony didn’t create their Dualshock 3 controller a little different. In this day and age of electronics, how hard would it have been for them to create some sort of compartment to open up on the bottom of the controller. Even after three years and with the introduction of the new PS3 slim, the wireless controllers are the same. There is no compartment on the back, and no official way to change the battery. So when your Sony Playstation 3 controller dies, what are you supposed to do about it?

Well most parents and non tech people, might probably just throw that one away, and head to the store to buy another one for fifty bucks. You can always use the controller with the included USB cable that came with your Playstation 3 system. When you use this wire, the power from the PS3 is used instead of the batteries inside. This cord that Sony includes with the PS3 is really short, so you’ll need to stay close to your video game system. Or you could go out and buy a longer USB to Mini USB cable. This is the cost free solution.

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