Starhawk Beta Underrway?

A video posted by IronStar’s Treezy on his Youtube, shows what possibly could be the Starhawk beta.

If you’re like me you are probably madly in love with the hit PS3 remake Warhawk. The game came out in the early days of the PS3 and was easily the best game for the console at the time, even now you can pop it in and have a blast. It was an exceptionally well done multiplayer game and after 3 years, people are wondering what’s next for the series. Dylan Jobe, the games director, recently created a new company and began work on a “secret” PS3 game. The games identity is still currently unknown but rumors suggest highly to a Warhawk sequel called “Starhawk”

Today, we have what could be the first accidental confirmation of the game’s existance. It seem’s someone has taken a photo of another player actually taking part in the beta.

The video was posted by Treezy, a member of Ironstar and it looks to be quite legit. Although you know the drill with these things, always take it with a grain of salt.

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