Sega Orbi? Not This Again…(Sega Console BS Alert)

Another seemingly masochistic entity preying upon the hopes of thousands if not millions.

If you aren’t an avid fan of the Sega corporation chances are you haven’t much heard about this “Sega Orbi” I mention as the title. The basic run down is that it is a continuation of a long chain of rumors spanning back several years about Sega’s so called “return to the hardware business”. Whether the push is by one or several people is unknown, but what IS known is the  end result of nothing happening.

An NTSC Sega Dreamcast Console and PAL Controller with VMU. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Beginnings:

The first incarnation of this stretches back to 2009 ish. The first revelations of Sega’s “secret” plans to make new console hardware from “leaked” documents(that were never shown) from 2004 onwards. This one received it’s main push from the leaked Symbols that would form the insignia of the Ringedge series of Arcade boards. This one was insisted, becoming the most widely recognized version, so much as to get a massive push from many of youtube’s sega fans, only years later to realize that there isn’t new Sega console coming about from the arcade boards, no matter how much the supplant wished.

Middle Era:

Waning evidence for the Ringedge board console would take it’s toll as the reporters of the new forming rumor turned into virtual schizophrenics. The next tellings were of a Streaming based competitor, Ringwave similar to onlive. A super powerful alternative following that using a raw super computer chip  from fujitsu followed, with an asinine price tag of $350 followed. These 2 were not pushed by any communities as much given the failure of the previous “launch”


 In addition to “Military grade secrecy” Today’s dominant “New Sega Console” goes by the following names: Sega Orbi, DC Pad, and Steambook which have had supposed partners interested or downright begging sega for help, such as Apple or steam(I kid you not). Unlike previous rumors however, this one has Legit attempts at disguising itself. Sega’s trademark for Orbi is a real thing and legit, however the trademark is almost horrendously broad covering numerous markets Sega has no interest nor presence in. The second bar of evidence cited for their return are the re-registering of old trademarks having to deal with Sega’s hardware enterprise and a small amount of patents being filed from Sega as well as approved. Well yea, Patents? They must be legit! Right?

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  1. Gary
    Posted June 9, 2012 at 5:48 pm

    Finally Someone gets it! Great write!

  2. stu
    Posted July 19, 2012 at 8:31 pm

    This Sega-Orbi BS was started by a user called MrSega over at a Dreamcast forum called DC-Talk. He has now started to spam post it over numerous gaming sites and forums.

    Here is a list of his aliases on those sites:

    Lindburgh2007 –

    Tornado1994 –

    plawson85 –

    Here is a link to the DC-Talk forum where this rumor started

    It thankfully is now closed.

  3. Posted December 4, 2012 at 1:56 pm

    What about this:

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