10 of The Rarest Super Nintendo Games Ever Made

The Super Nintendo system was very popular among gamers. It has some of the best role playing games ever made and boasts a huge library of games. Although most of the games for the SNES are easy to find,there are also several games that are quite rare. Here are the 10 rarest games for the Super Nintendo system.

Castlevania Dracula X

Castlevania Dracula X is the final Castlevania game released on the SNES system and unfortunately the game did not sell well when it was released. However, the fans of the series and Super Nintendo collectors keep this game hard to find.

Donkey Kong Country Competition Cartridge

Donkey Kong Country Competiton cartidges were used in tournaments held around the country.  A few of the carts were made available for customers to purchase. One of these rare cartridges could be worth several hundred dollars. It is one of the rarest Super Nintendo games ever created.


Another Super Nintendo game that is not hard to find online, but is very popular. The game has a hardcore following and commands a high price. It is a non-traditional RPG where weapons are regular household items. This game is still regarded as one of the most enjoyable RPGs ever made.


The game is not really hard to find, but is very popular and quite expensive. It is a unique role-playing game and has been given great reviews by both critics and Super Nintendo players.

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon was released the same year the Nintendo 64 was released so many game players had already moved past the Super Nintendo system and ignored this game. The Harvest Moon series also has a cult following of gamers. This is the first in the series of farming RPG so it holds a special attraction for collectors.

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MegaMan X3

Mega Man X3 was one of two games to use a specialized chip called Cx4 that created some 3D graphics in games. This chip is quite rare and the game has some of the best graphics on the SNES. These two factors combine to make it one of the more expensive Super Nintendo games.

Ninja Gaiden Trilogy

This game did not get much attention when it was first released, but has since made the top 10 list. One of the attractions of this game is that you can get all three Ninja Gaiden games on one cartridge.

Nintendo Powerfest ’94 Cart

In 1994, Nintendo held a video game competition based on three Super Nintendo games – Super Mario Lost Levels, Super Mario Kart, and Ken Griffey Jr Baseball.  A special cartridge almost half the size of a Super Nintendo system was used for the tournament finals.  Only 32 cartridges were made and 31 of them were scrapped for parts. One of them turned up at a garage sale years later. It is considered the most valuable video game in the world.

Ogre Battle

Enix only made 25,000 copies of Ogre Battle for sale in the United States and has become one the most collectable RPGs for the Super Nintendo system. It is also a very good strategy RPG game and some RPG fans collect this game just to play it.

Star Fox Super Weekend Cartridge

Just like the Donkey Kong Country Competiton cartidges, this Star Fox cart was used by for game tournaments and some of the carts were sold off by Blockbuster and Nintendo Power. Fewer than 2000 cartridges were produced and it is one of the rarest SNES games available. Finding one of these would be a great addition to your SNES collection.

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