The New X Box

What is the xbox 720 going to be like.

Now, if this is indeed the case – there is some serious power packed into the next-gen Xbox. Possibly too much power just to play games.

Xbox World reckons that the extra power boost could be to do with Kinect 2 – which apparently will suck the life out of four of the cores, due to the pinpoint accuracy that the new motion controller will bring.

Interestingly, although it has been strenuously denied that a next-gen console will be announced by either Sony or Microsoft at this year’s E3,XBW believes that many developers are working towards E3, which takes place in June, as a deadline for game demos.

There have been rumours cicrulating that the new Xbox console will feature a system aimed at preventing owners playing used games. That would mean no trading-in of old titles in order to fund the purchase of new ones – a move that would not be warmly received by gamers or highstreet store.

The rumours centre around the concept of the new Xbox demanding an always-on internet connection. That sounds like a horrifying idea to us – say it ain’t so!

Microsoft has said publically that the Xbox 360 will have (at least) a 10-year life lifespan to match the PS3. That puts a new Xbox launch into 2015… However, we reckon it’s far more likely that the console will launch either in 2014 or maybe even in time for Christmas 2013.

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