THE Secret to 10,000+ Points on Jelly Blobs of Doom

By cassandratrelawney.

Hi, I’m cassandratrelawney. I have noticed a certain lack of really high scores on the neopets game, Jelly Blobs of Doom. Everyone knows about the cheat codes:

fishnegg –> 50 points

rainbownegg –> 20 points

However, no one seems able to beat my score! (10,443 btw)

Now, I thought about being selfish and not telling anyone, but that would be cruel. I already have a trophy, afterall. I should let everyone know and heighten the competition, right?

So how does one get a score so high? You keep eating all the jelly in jelly world, but your score barely reaches 9000. With the cheat codes, 9070. Yet cassandratrelawney’s score continues to baffle you!

Alright, enough stalling. You obviously wanted to know, or you wouldn’t have read this.

Here’s the secret:

  1. Don’t get eaten.
  2. Don’t eat the little jelly.

The game only lets you eat a certain amount of jelly blobs. Some people have assumed this limitation starts after you get big enough to eat any blob, but I’ve found it starts a lot sooner. The bigger the jelly, the more points you get, but you grow the same amount with every bite. Never noticed that, huh?

Learning how much you can push it takes practice, yes. Eat blobs that you know won’t eat you, but once you move up to the next color range, don’t eat the purple jelly anymore unless you have to. Avoid it like you do the big blobs, (though if you have to choose, eat the little one!). This is the only way I’ve found to get a higher score.

I could be wrong, but…


I’m just sayin’.


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