2000 Free Wii Points

2000 Free Wii Points guide in three steps online. They will e-mail you the codes and it is not a scam!

Every Nintendo Wii gamer would like to have 2000 free wii points. Having wii points allows you to enjoy your Nntendo Wii even more. I will teach you, how I got 2000 free wii points without using a credit card and that

Don’t believe me? Then look at this picture of my 2000 free wii points. They just e-mailed me the code for the wii points and I redeemed them. Over 30,000 people use this to get 2000 free wii points, video games, accesories, cash, and a huge selection of rewards from amazon.com and more! I got this code the next day that I requested it and you can too! Here’s how to get started!

Step 1: Sign Up

(Click Here) After you sign up and confirm your e-mail and you will get 100 points (equivalent to $1). You are 5% away from getting 2000 free wii points in a matter of seconds. 

Step 2: Complete Surveys

Here is a great video on how to do surveys.

You will have to do around 15-20 surveys which will take less than a hour. If you need help I suggest using the site’s chatbox and forum for instant help. Also, make sure to use different e-mails for each survey to ensure better creditting rates and to prevent spam. I suggest using yopmail.com or gmx.com for that.

Step 3: Redeem your reward!

Once you have 2000 points in your account, you will be able to redeem your 2000 free wii points. You can also redeem any other free rewards that you want and also get cash if you want that instead! If they do not have any wii points just get an amazon gift card and use that to get your 2000 free wii points.

That’s how you do it! I wish you the best of luck in getting your free rewards!

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