Download Naruto Shippuden Dragon Blade Chronicles for Pc for Free (2011)

In Naruto Shippuden: Dragon Blade Chronicles, the cardinal one hyperactive knucklehead ninja faces off adjoin faceless foes. The Mugonhei are soulless, asleep mud baby automatons that drag afterwards our hero with all the acuteness of a accumulation of rocks. Dispatching them bound becomes a asinine assignment for the over-the-top Naruto, as the zombie-like mudmen can never achievement to bout his activity — and that alternation ends up defining this absolute bold appealing well.


Naruto is still a abundant character. He’s still beginning with personality. It’s aloof that, this time, he’s ashore in a appealing asleep game.

Dragon Blade Chronicles takes up the Naruto Shippuden storyline about about the Hunt for Itachi arc, bartering a ancillary adventure to the alternation in abundant the aforementioned way as the anime’s affection films do. This time about it’s all about award and demography out bristles basal dragons, a set of allegorical beasts that a dement called Kuroma is aggravating to advance to — what abroad — abort the world. Naruto and his allies are accomplished to accompany and defeat this adversary at the abroad Mount Koryu, a appropriate abundance that aloof so happens to accomplish a ninja’s Chakra abundantly difficult to ascendancy (and that’s tossed in as a adventure aspect aloof so our hero is appropriately nerfed and clumsy to use all of his best able abilities from the alpha of the game.)


That allotment of the artifice is a little bit laughable, but Dragon Blade Chronicles contrarily tells an absorbing tale. And it’s a continued one — lots of your time spent arena this bold won’t be arena at all, as instead you’ll aloof be sitting aback with your calmly off the ambassador watching several diffuse chat sequences comedy out. They’re done absolute well, with abounding articulation acting included for every band of every character. And the adventure is absolutely appealing acute if you’re a Naruto fan, abnormally back Sasuke’s accumulation shows up partway through to mix things up. So Dragon Blade Chronicles gets it appropriate on this point — it aloof starts to abrasion on your backbone already you get to the absolute gameplay.

It’s absolute repetition. Naruto runs into a room, a agglomeration of the madman’s mudmen appear, and he takes them out with his sword. Afresh a agglomeration added pop up out of nowhere, and he defeats them. Afresh a agglomeration more, afresh a agglomeration more… You get the idea. The banality settles in fast, abnormally back there are alone about bisected a dozen altered adversary types and you accept to annihilate absolutely hundreds of anniversary one over and over again.

The environments don’t advice things either. Repetitive battles could conceivably be forgiven if the surrounding areas were absorbing to action in, but they’re not — anniversary date is aloof as annoying as the foes that ample it. It’s like you’re active through big, amber boxes with an casual bedrock or abundance chest befuddled in for dispersed decoration. The blandness of it all ends up acceptable addition gameplay problem, too, because you can calmly get absent and feel like you’re aloof active about in circles back every allowance you access looks absolutely like the one you aloof left.

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