Five Reasons Why The Wii is Awful

The Nintendo Wii is currently the fastest selling game console, which is a title it genuinly doesn’t deserve in my opinion. Read on to find out why.

1. Graphics

In an industry where games are dependent on good graphics, the Wii has gone in a completely different direction. The fact they didn’t load it with a turbo-charged graphics chip isn’t what irritates me, however, it’s the fact that, on HDTV’s, the graphics look awful. I can put up with what are glorified stick people and cartoon graphics, but on a 1080p Plasma screen it looks dreadful, as do all standard definition pictures that don’t have any upscaling. It completely detracts from any good experience the console may offer.

2. Precision

It’s no secret, the Wii Remote (without Motion Plus) is hideously unresponsive. The sensitivity can be turned up, but in most games it makes no difference. Take Wii Sports for instance, half of the time in games like Tennis or Golf the stroke you play is completely different to the swing you make. You may as well just have a button for all the good it is… a button that does the standard, generic swing that you have to do to make anything work.

3. Lack Of AAA Games

Sure, there are some good party games such as Mario Kart or Super Smash Brothers Brawl, but the only games that are remotely interesting are all made by Nintendo. The majority of the games made by other developers seem to be purely focused on milking the Nintendo user base of their hard earned cash rather than giving them a good time. Of course, there are a few exceptions to the rule, but virtually all non-Nintendo games I’ve played on the Wii are a complete waste of time.

4. No Achievements/Trophies

This is an integral part of gaming for me now. Trophies and Achievements give games a replay value, rather than just playing a campaign and then leaving them to gather dust. This is something that the Wii needs desperately, as the lack of power and disc space means that stories tend to be low quality and fairly short, making even the best of games a fairly sure-fire waste of money.

5. Online Play

Yes, you can play some games on the Wii online, but on the whole, it is a pathetic display compared to XBOX Live or the Playstation Network. Having to exchange 12-digit numbers so that you can find each other is a pain compared to nicknames, and then you only get to have 2 players at a time (Mario Kart, don’t know about anything else).

Overall, the Wii shouldn’t be selling as well as it is these days, and with a new range of Motion Controllers coming out from it’s 2 major competitors, it may not keep the title for long.

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