How to Connect Second Wii Controller to Nintendo Wii

Are you wondering how you connect another controller to the Nintendo Wii? Nintendo didn’t lay out the instructions too good, so read below to find out how.

Are you having problems connecting a second controller to your Nintendo Wii? When playing some Wii games, the game sometimes will ask you to sync up another controller on the screen. Wii games like Wii Sports and New Super Mario Bros Wii ask you to connect the controller inside of the game. But not all games are like this.

There are some games such as Red Steel and Tiger Woods Golf 2007, that do not ask you to connect the Wii controller inside of the game. What this means is, your other Nintendo Wii controller is not sync’d up or connected to your system. You need to do a manual connect of your Nintendo Wii controller so your games will work.

Have you ever noticed the little red sync button inside the battery compartment of your controller? Here is how to connect a second controller to your Nintendo Wii system. First take out the second controller you want to connect and touch the red sync button. Now right after this, you need to touch the red sync button on the Wii system.

On every Nintendo Wii system is a red sync button, similar to the one in the controllers. Open up the panel on your Nintendo Wii console where you can insert an SD or SDHC memory card. Inside of here is the red sync button that you need to push. How do you know if your second Wii controller connected properly?

The Wii system will let you know that the connection worked, plus you can now use this Wii remote in the menu. Move your Wii controller around just like you do with the first one, and you should see a cursor with the number two on it. This means your second controller is now permanently connected to your Wii system.

If you have a third and fourth Nintendo Wii controller, you now need to go through this same process to connect each controller. Hit the red sync button located in the battery compartment of the other controllers. Now hit the red sync button located in the Wii system memory card slot. Now you can sync up to four controllers.

If you have been getting blank screens when trying to play some Nintendo Wii multiplayer games, this could be the reason. Sync up your controllers and then load up the Wii game to see if multiplayer works now. It should work now due to the fact that you have permanently connected the extra controllers. This is how to connect a second controller on the Nintendo Wii. For more Nintendo Wii game tips and info please check this out.

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