How to Get The Cradle Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

This Nintendo Wii guide will show you how to get the cradle in Ordon Village for Legend Of Zelda. Read through these video game tips to finish this part of Zelda.

There are a lot of tasks to do at the beginning of the Nintendo Wii game of Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess. This article will be talking about the Nintendo Wii version and not the Gamecube one. The games are almost identical, but they do have some small differences. There is a lady by a little stream in Ordon Village who is missing her cradle. This part of the game is necessary to do, so you’ve got to find the cradle to finish the game.

Have you looked around Ordon Village for the cradle and can’t find it any way? It is located in Ordon Village, but it is so far away, you can’t really see it. Maybe you’ve already climbed up the vines on the little pillar tower to talk to the guy who can call the hawk. If you use the C button on your Nintendo Wii remote and look past the pillars in the water, you might see something moving far in the distance.

This little moving thing in the distance is a monkey, and he has the cradle. What you need to do to get the cradle back for the woman in Ordon Village, is you’ve got to call the hawk and then send it exactly on the spot where the far away monkey is. Don’t use the grass where the guy is at the top of the pillar where you climbed up the vines. You need to jump over two pillars further from this guy.

On one of the further pillars is another small area of grass. Pick up the grass and call the hawk. Now using your Nintendo Wii remote, you’ve got to move it around to where the moving character is in the far distance. This is the monkey that has the missing cradle. Here is a good tip for this video game. Aim the red circle just above the monkey with your Wii remote, and then send out the hawk. If you aim slightly above it, you should capture the cradle.

This version of Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess has you using the pointer on your Wii remote quite a lot. This part is fairly easy, but move out a bit from your television screen so you can move the pointer around better. Now if you pointed it just right, the hawk will bring the cradle back to the pillar. Jump over there and grab the cradle. You need to carry it over to the woman by the stream who is looking for it.

Now after you take it back to her, she will tell you to follow her. This lady walks kind of slow but be patient and follow her all the way back to her house. Hey you want to get through all of this and to the first Zelda Twilight Princess dungeon, right? Then walk with her and keep her in view until you both reach the house. Talk with the lady at her house and she will give you the next item you need, the fishing rod.

If you have played other Nintendo Legend Of Zelda games, you know about the fishing mini games. One of the first fishing games was in Legend Of Zelda Link’s Awakening. In Ocarina Of Time for the Nintendo 64 you had to wait much later in the game before you could go fishing. Now you get to fish much earlier in this Legend Of Zelda title. This is how you get the cradle back for the woman in Ordon Village. For other Nintendo Wii game tips and video game strategies please visit the gaming profile right here.

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