How to Make an Infrared Pen

For use with John Lee’s Wii whiteboard.

Assuming you already have the Wii Remote, hooked up to blue tooth, and the program, now you need a Infrared pen. Here’s how to make a low cost one.

You will need:

IR Light (Link to the one i used)

Battery Holder (Link)

1 AA battery to go with the holder

SPST Momentary Switch (Link)

A large pen.

Now lets start with the pen. I used the biggest pen i could find, slightly smaller then a highlighter (make sure to take out insides). I drilled a hole big enough to accommodate the switch and cut a line from there to the top of the pen (switch should be where you grip the pen). This setup will make it easier to wire in the end. Now I took the battery holder and pushed the battery in, then hooked the whole thing together.

Below is how to set it up, make sure that you set it all up with the wires inside the pen, the battery should be at the bottom with everything else on the top. The hole we made earlier is where we will slide the button into after completion. The light should slide in too if you made the extra cut.

The lights positive connector should go to one end of the switch (the positive is the longer one). Then on the other end of the switch I hooked up the battery holders positive wire (in this case red). Then the black wire goes to the other end of the light. 

Now the light and the battery are kind of hanging out in space, you might be able to slide the light into the pens tip, if not make the hole bigger (or smaller). Your light should fit snugly. Now the battery is still kind of dangling out there, i just taped mine onto the pen where it wouldn’t bother me.

Now to test it out! Take out a camera and take a picture of the tip while you hold the button. Infrared light is invisible to the human eye but to a camera it will be visible. 

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