How to Pick Out a Gaming Machine

Here is a checklist of things you need to know, before you the console or handheld that fits you.

How to Know What Is Best For You:


Home consoles are great, if you have lots of free time at your house, and you want the best graphics and capabilities. They are also great for playing a multiplayer split screen game, if you have a brother or sister…or wife, who likes to play also. Home Consoles generally have a price range of $150-$250.

Handhelds (newer):

Handhelds are great if you are the type of person who has to be on the move all the time. They are small, lightweight, and especially portable. You can also find some handhelds with great graphics. Handheld devices can range anywhere from $150-$300.


This is the kind of gaming device a true hardcore gamer will have most of the time. Computer gaming has many advantages, like being semi portable, and has EXCELLENT graphics capabilities.  A good gaming computer is very expensive, and have a price range of anywhere from $600-$2000+.

So Many Different Brands and Machines:


Xbox 360 – A great console for people who owned an original xbox, and are looking for an affordable, yet dependable upgrade. Xbox online, you have to pay for, which gives the PS3 and Wii a lttle advantage. Now, you have to choose the games that you want, as some companies own rights to games other companies dont. The Xbox 360 exclusives are games like Gears of War and Halo. The xbox 360 costs $200-$250

PS3 - This is a very good console for those looking for a little bit of an edge over the xbox community. The PS3 has a bit better graphics IMO, and is a little more dependant. Playstation also has free online play, which is an added bonus. The PS3 exclusives enclude titles like Resistance, Uncharted, and Killzone. PS3’s cost $200-$250

Wii - Wii is a great console for those looking to save a bit of money when buying a console. They are also great for people who like to get up and move around while playing, as they have motion sensing controllers. But if you arent into all that motion stuff, there is always the Wii Classic Controller, which works great. Wii has free online play like PS3. A regular Wii usually costs $150

Handhelds (The Newer Ones):

Ps Vita - A absolutely wonderful portable made by Sony, that has many cool features. It has dual analog sticks for enhanced controlling of games, touch screen functionality, a rear touch pad, and a gyroscope. There is a wifi and 3G model available. Ps Vita also has most of the same exclusives as PS3. Ps Vita’s cost $250-$300.

3ds - A cool new handheld made by Nintendo. The thing thats cool about this DS over the older models, is that it has a larger, more vibrant screen, and a great 3D display. It also has the bottom touch screen as usual. Some exclusives for this handheld are Mario and Zelda. This handheld can go down in price as low as $150, and go up to about $170.

Gaming Computer (major brands)

Alienware - Alienware is a brand of computers that is well known throughout the world. It has a great reputation, and is very nice. All Alienwares have a light up keyboard, and a great screen display. These computers are trusty, but have a hefty price tag, starting at $600.

Sager - Sager is a well known brand also, and gives you a great time. They can also get pretty expensive, and one that you build yourself can get as low as $900.

Asus - Also a great computer, like the other two. It is a nice durable and trusty laptop, and you cant go wrong with this one. The price tag for a stock machine starts at around $1200.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this helped you find the perfect console for you!

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