How to Record High Quality Video of Your Game System

How to use a TV tuner to record game play of Animal Crossing for the Nintendo GameCube or Wii!

OK, For all of you who do not know yet. I use a TV tuner that I bought on the Internet for around $30. It always me to plug my Game cube (or Wii if I had one) into the TV and record game play in High Quality. I bought mine at but is another good site to buy TV tuners at very low prices!

The TV tuners are very easy to use. Some are as simple as plugging them into the USB port on your computer and press a little button and it will automatically start to record your game play in high quality.

Now to edit this awesome quality video you can just use Windows Movie Marker but I would recommend investing into something a little more higher quality! I myself use Sony Vegas to edit and render my video. For most people I guess that is overdoing it but in my opinion it is very easy and nice to use to edit your videos due to the amazing quality it gives out!

And if you haven’t seen my YouTube, I would advise that you check it out =)

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