Mario Kart Wii Star Ranking Guide

The Guide for those who want to know how to obtain the fabled Triple Star Ranking.

If you play Mario Kart Wii and you have participated in a Grand Prix Cup race, you will probably have noticed that after the four races in each Grand Prix Cup, you get given a ranking. This could have been an A or a B, or maybe even an E. Sometimes though, you may have gotten a Star in place of a letter. If you have ever wondered what that means, I’m about to tell you.

That star is a better rank than an A, but it still isn’t the best rank possible. There are still the illusive double and triple star rankings.

To get these rankings though, you can’t just cruise through each Grand Prix and hope for the best, you have to race strategically.

When you finish a race, you’ll notice that you are given some points. These are known as the Championship Points and they are awarded as follows:

1st: 15 points
2nd: 12 points
3rd: 10 points
4th: 8 points
5th: 7 points
6th: 6 points
7th: 5 points
8th: 4 points
9th: 3 points
10th: 2 points
11th: 1 point
12th: 0 points

The ranking you get at the end of each Cup, is partly based on these Championship Points, it is also based on the Hidden Points you accumulate during each race.

Hidden Points are based on how well you perform in each race and are awarded as follows:

Positive Hidden Point actions:

~Total time for each race~
each race has a time which if you beat, will award you Hidden points. The faster you beat the time, the more points you receive

~Lead time~
the longer you stay in 1st the more Hidden points you will get

~Rocket boost/start~
you get 25 Hidden points for each successful rocket boost

you get 2 Hidden points for each successful mini-turbo

~Item attack~
each successful attack with an item will reward you 5 Hidden points

each trick you perform will give you Hidden points as well

each successful wheelie will give you Hidden points

Negative Hidden Point actions:

~Off-track time~
Hidden points are deducted for time you spend off the track, you lose more Hidden points the longer you spend off the track. Exceptions are when you are under the effects of a star, mushroom, bullet bill or golden mushroom item

~Hit a wall~
you lose 20 Hidden points everytime you hit a wall

~Hit an obstacle~
everytime you hit an obstacle on a course (car, fireball, goomba, chain chomp, etc) you lose 30 Hidden points

~Fall off track/Get picked up by Lakitu~
you lose 70 Hidden points everytime you fall of the track or get picked up by Lakitu

Now for the Ranking System, which you can find below.

Key: CP = Championship Points
        HP = Hidden Points

~ 60 CP: ~
1000+ HP = 3-star (***)
700 – 999 HP = 2-star (**)
400 – 699 HP = 1-star (*)
200 – 399 HP = A
0 – 199 HP = B
negative HP = C

~ 52-59 CP: ~
1000+ HP = 2-star (**)
700 – 999 HP = 1-star (*)
400 – 699 HP = A
200 – 399 HP = B
0 – 199 HP = C
negative HP = D

~ 47-51CP: ~
1000+ HP = 1-star (*)
700 – 999 HP = A
400 – 699 HP = B
200 – 399 HP = C
0 – 199 HP = D
negative HP = E

~ 40-46CP: ~
1000+ HP = A
700 – 999 HP = B
400 – 699 HP = C
200 – 399 HP = D
less than 200 HP = E

~ 0-39CP: ~
1000+ HP = B
700 – 999 HP = C
400 – 699 HP = D
less than 400 HP = E

As you can see from the tables above, you have to have an absolultly superb 4 races to get a triple star rank, but the double star and single star ranks are a little easier to obtain, but still relatively hard compared to the A and B ranks.

The star ranks do unlock a few things in the game which include:
Baby Daisy- Get a one star ranking on all 50cc Wii cups
Bowser Jr.- Get a one star ranking on all 100cc Retro cups
Dry Bowser- Get a one star ranking on all 150cc Wii cups
Rosalina- Get a one star ranking on all Mirror Wii cups
Cheep Charger- Get a one star ranking on all 50cc Retro cups
Jetsetter/Aero Glider- Get a one star ranking on all 150cc Retro cups
Sneakster/Nitrocycle- get a one star ranking on all 100cc Wii cups

But the main reason you want to get star ranks is for bragging rights and to show off, as if you get a:
single star rank or better on every single cup you’ll get a single star next to your name on Wifi
double star rank or better on every single cup you’ll get a double star next to your name on Wifi
or triple star rank on every single cup you’ll get a triple star next to your name on Wifi

Thanks for reading my Mario Kart Wii: Star Rank Guide. Watch for more guides from myself on many other games for the DS, Wii, Xbox 360 or just internet flash games.

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