Run WWE 12 and WWE 13 on Pc, Configure Dolphin Emulator 3.0

Yes, it’s not a lie. It’s not fake advertisement or scam videos from Now we can actually run WWE ’12 and WWE ‘13 on PC! I’m playing it for the last few months, and it’s quite good, better than its predecessors (the Smackdown VS Raw series).

People might ask, WWE ‘12 and WWE ‘13 does not work for PlayStation 2, so how am I using PCSX2 to make it work. Actually I’m not even using PCSX2, and it is true that emulators made for one platform cannot emulate games of other platform onto the PC. We do not have a PS3 emulator available now (I don’t think it will be available in the next 10 years), the PS3 core architecture is far more complex than PS2 and programmers are still trying to work out a magic, like they did with the PS2 emulators.

So how do I run this WWE ’12 or WWE ‘13 game? Go get yourself a copy of the Nintendo Wii version (PAL version, NTSC works slower on the PC) of the game. (Did you forget that it works on Wii too, go check out

Once you have the disc, make an ISO file. Go to and read through the tutorials and FAQ to understand how to make one. The ISO file is simply a whole disc included into one virtual disc file (*.iso file). This is required because during intense processing and data transfer the CD has to rotate at speeds higher than the regular, so damage might be done to the CD, CD-ROM or both.

Next you need your emulator, go to to get version 3.0 of the emulator, this is the Dolphin Emulator for Wii games (unlike PCSX2, they do not have the trouble of getting original BIOS files yourself, so enjoy). Now, about the configuration, there’s not really much to tell you, it isn’t that much of a trouble like configuring the PCSX2, what I can tell you is that as usual, you’ll need a good PC and a very good graphics card.

I’ll give you an idea about the performance, (the emulator uses DX9 and DX11).


My laptop

Previous PC

Current PC


Intel Core i5 M-460 2.53 GHZ

Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 2.66 GHZ

Intel Core i3 T2100 3.10 GHZ





Graphics Card

Intel HD 3000

1 GB GDDR3 128 bit ECS Elite GT430 NVIDIA Chipset

1 GB GDDR3 128 bit ECS Elite GT430 NVIDIA Chipset


640 GB

1.16 TB

1.16 TB





As you can clearly understand, processors and graphics cards play a vital role in the emulation of today’s high class emulators.

In the config menu disable framelimiting to increase performance.

There are many beta versions of the emulator being developed periodically, you could try them at your own risk, but I don’t recommend them, and I don’t use them either. But seeing the performance with DX9 at the current stage, I could say that this emulator will get better as days pass. But I might easily predict that if this WWE video game series continues for a while, this emulator comes in handy and is currently your best bet.

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