World 1-4 Star Coins New Super Mario Bros Wii

Gaming fun for New Super Mario Bros Wii continues with the world of 1-4. Mario has three different Star Coins to find in this part of his Wii fun. Use the tips in this article to find all three items and unlock secrets in your Nintendo Wii game.

Classic Nintendo gaming goes on in the world of 1-4 in New Super Mario Bros Wii. Who can forget the very first swimming level in the original Super Mario Bros game from Nintendo? Nintendo couldn’t call this a Super Mario Bros game without including an underwater swimming level. This level is complete with new enemies and all the classic ones from the original game. Just like in the other Super Mario game you could throw fireballs underwater. Now Mario has some new abilities that he can use underwater in this Nintendo Wii update. Let’s get on to finding the three Star Coins for this level of 1-4 for New Super Mario Bros Wii.

When you go swimming under the water in this level, there are several different yellow item boxes. Hit all of these boxes and you will get ice flowers. This is a new ability for swimming under water that Mario didn’t have in his original Nintendo games. When you throw an ice ball at one of the enemies in this level, they will turn into an ice block and float upwards. This can help you reach areas above the water in this part of the Wii game. Wait until you see the huge troops of cheep cheeps coming up. When you do, if you can freeze one, then you can go to the platforms at the top of the water to avoid some of these huge troops of enemies.

The first Star Coin for level 1-4 in New Super Mario Bros Wii is next to a big cheep cheep. Under the cheep cheep is a pipe that has bubble coming out of it. If you are Ice Mario, then freeze the cheep cheep and you can easily jump over to the left and get the first item. The pipe is also creating a water current, so watch out if you don’t have any special powers and need to swim over to get it. If you are not Ice Mario, then you’ll need to swim towards the very top of the water and jump over the big cheep cheep. Don’t swim down too far or you will be swept away in the current coming from the pipe. Now continue through the level for the second one.

The second Star Coin for world 1-4 in New Super Mario Bros Wii is between two pipes. Both pipes are at the top of the screen and have bubbles coming out. Since there is a current coming from the two pipes, this makes it very difficult for Mario to reach the top. There are some cheep cheeps swimming below these two pipes, and you’ll need to be Ice Mario to help you through this part. Shoot an ice ball at one of the cheep cheeps, and then ride the ice block all the way up to the space between the pipes. You’ll need to wait until a cheep cheep gets right below the exact spot, and then fire away with an ice ball. During the level of 1-4 on your Nintendo Wii, there are a ton of item boxes with the ice flowers. Get one before you go after this second item.

Don’t put your Nintendo Wii controller down just yet, you’ve got one last item to get. This is the toughest one you will find for this level. The third Star Coin for world 1-4 in New Super Mario Bros Wii is after the checkpoint flag and in a little alcove. To get there you need to get past a bubble spewing pipe that is in the way. The current coming out of this pipe will make it very difficult to get to the coin. There is a way to temporarily stop the current flowing from the pipe. Use an ice ball on the urchin that is moving just above the bubble spewing pipe. Wait until he is knocked out, then the urchin will fall down and block the stream of bubbles coming out. Now quickly swim over and get the final item for your Nintendo Wii game that you want.

This finishes finding all three Star Coins for world 1-4 in New Super Mario Bros Wii. This won’t be the last time that Mario needs to go swimming in this Nintendo Wii game. There will be other swimming levels later on in the worlds of this Super Mario game. For more help with levels on this Wii game check out the previous articles.

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