World 2-2 Star Coins New Super Mario Bros Wii

Welcome to the next desert level of 2-2 in New Super Mario Bros Wii. There are secrets to be found in the deadly quick sand through this next stage. You can find three Star Coins in this pyramid themed level in your Nintendo Wii video game.

The desert world continues in New Super Mario Bros Wii as you search for the Star Coins in level 2-2. As you start going through this level there are the green enemies that throw the huge spikes at Mario. Some of these can actually help you, as the huge spikes can kill some of the other enemies on the sand. To easily defeat some of them when they are on a set of bricks, jump up and hit them where they are standing. After these guys there is a huge wall of koopa troopas. On this Nintendo Wii game you can get an extra life after you defeat a certain number of enemies. Use of the the shells and defeat all of the wall of koopa troopas to get an extra life.

The very first Star Coin for world 2-2 in New Super Mario Bros Wii is right next to the checkpoint flag. To the left of the flag is a long narrow corridor of quicksand. In many of the Super Mario games the quicksand will mean a fast end to your video game. In this corridor of quicksand on the Nintendo Wii, you can fall down through it and find a secret area. Fall through this quicksand and you’ll come to an underground cavern with blue bricks and a green pipe to the right. Don’t go through this green pipe, instead activate the p-switch and fall down through dozens of blue coins. Get as many as you can and you might be able to pick up another extra life.

Once you get through this part, you’ll come out into another room with a green pipe. Don’t go through this just yet or you’ll need to go through this part of your Nintendo Wii game all over again. Keep going all the way to the right in this room until you see the upside down p-switch. This will cause several invisible platforms to suddenly appear, and you can then jump up and grab the first Star Coin. After you’ve got this next item for your game, go left and then exit out through the green pipe. In this Nintendo Wii game there are green pipes that act as cannons, and this one will shoot you back up through to the desert world of 2-2.

There are two more items to acquire in your Nintendo Wii gaming. After the checkpoint you’ll come to a point where there are four lone bricks together horizontally. Just to the left of the four horizontal bricks is a rising and falling platform. This is where you will find the path to the second Star Coin for world 2-2 in New Super Mario Bros Wii. The furthest brick to the left, is where a secret vine is hiding. You’ll need to make a diagonal jump to the right, to hit the brick that is furthest to the left. Take the vine and go into the secret area in the cloud. Grab the pow block, but don’t use it. You need this Nintendo item in just a few seconds. Wait until the platform goes under the second Star Coin, and then use the pow block. The coins will all fall and you can get the second one.

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