World 2-5 Star Coins New Super Mario Bros Wii

The desert adventures in New Super Mario Bros Wii with the sand and pyramids continues in this level of 2-5. You can find three Star Coins in this level of your Nintendo Wii game. Read on to find our how to unlock the secrets to finding them.

Your adventures through the sand on your Nintendo Wii are not over just yet. Super Mario still has two more numbered levels to go through, before he is finished with world two. During this level of 2-5 you’ll get help from your old friend Yoshi. Before you find Yoshi, you’ll have to jump over some of the huge yellow cactus enemies. It’s easy for you to do this. Just wait until the sand geyser reaches all the way to the top, and then run and jump from here and you won’t hit the top of the cactus. Make it past the first few obstacles and you’ll find your friend Yoshi. You’ll need the help of Yoshi if you want to make it all the way through 2-5 on the Nintendo Wii.

Nintendo has made finding the items in this level pretty darn difficult. There really are not too many clues telling you where to look. The very first Star Coin for world 2-5 in New Super Mario Bros Wii is at the third palm tree you see in the level. When you start from the beginning, count each green palm tree you see. At the third one, look in the sky and you’ll see a mysterious white cloud. At this point in your Wii game you will have Yoshi, so you can get the first coin in one of two ways. You can make a jump from Yoshi to reach it. Or you can defeat Lakitu and ride on his cloud to get it. You can use the tongue of Yoshi to easily get rid of Lakitu.

You’ll find that Lakitu will be a big problem for you in this part of the Nintendo Wii game. He will constantly be throwing those little red balls that turn into the spiked enemies, which will cause you difficulties. If you remember the levels from Super Mario Bros 2 and Super Mario Bros 3, there was sinking quicksand in those games. The sinking quicksand is back for this Mario Nintendo Wii update. If one of the enemies hits you while on Yoshi, Yoshi will run away and kind of sink in the quicksand. You can still save Yoshi if you sink down a little with Mario. Don’t sink down all the way through the bottom, or you’ll lose Yoshi and lose your life too.

Now to getting the hardest one of the game. As you continue on through your Nintendo Wii game there is a red piranha plant between two yellow blocked walls. Look for the red piranha plant that is down in an alcove, and next to him are yellow blocks on both sides. Straight down from the right side of the yellow blocks is a secret entrance to a hidden room. First you will need to defeat the red piranha plant. Grab one of the red balls from Lakitu with the tongue of Yoshi, and spit is out towards the piranha plant. This will kill the plant and open your path to the secret entrance. Drop down to where the piranha plant was, and over through the little gap to the right, and then drop down through the yellow brick that was to the right of the piranha plant.

In this next room it’s completely dark, and the second Star Coin is towards the top of the screen. Now on to the third Star Coin for world 2-5 in New Super Mario Bros Wii. Continue through the level until you reach the huge group of yellow blocks with the five or six cactus enemies. There is only one spot like this in the level, so you shouldn’t miss it. In this area, or just a little bit before, is Lakitu. Defeat him and jump on his cloud and fly as high as you can above this spot where the huge yellow blocks and cactus enemies are. Here up in the sky you can get the third and final one. Congrats, you’ve now got all three of the Nintendo items for this level in your Wii game. There is just one more regular level to tackle in this world.

This completes finding the three Star Coins for world 2-5 in New Super Mario Bros Wii. There is one more numbered level to go through, plus two castles. There is no ghost house or airship for this Super Mario world. For more help in this Nintendo Wii game you can look at the content the has been previously published.

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