World 3.0 Ghost House Star Coins New Super Mario Bros Wii

Now you can journey into the world of New Super Mario Bros Wii inside of the very first ghost house. Inside there are boos trying to stop you from going any further. Find three Star Coins in the world three ghost house in your Wii game here.

The adventures in New Super Mario Bros Wii will now take you inside of the very first ghost house of the game. These kind of houses were in the classic Nintendo games such as Super Mario World. Nintendo has brought back all the classic gaming from the old games into this Nintendo Wii update. If you can guess which enemy is inside, you’d probably guess right. The boo enemies from the original games are back again and they are basically the same. When you turn your back to them, they will chase you around the level. There are three Star Coins for find for the world 3 ghost house, so let’s get started collecting.

The very first Star Coin for the world 3 ghost house in New Super Mario Bros Wii is right at the beginning. As soon as you go through the first door in the house, from the very start, go to the right. In the right wall there is a secret alcove that contains the very first one. You wouldn’t even know it was there unless you were looking for it. There are more secret invisible areas just like this through the level. As you are going through this stage, jump around on the walls to explore if there are any hidden alcoves. There are some hidden areas that contain items that will help you on your Nintendo Wii quest. Now to the next one in the game.

Shortly after you start going through the level, there is a place where you jump up and climb through spinning white ropes. It’s in this area that you will find the second Star Coin for the world 3 ghost house in New Super Mario Bros Wii. As you continue to climb up to the top through the ropes, keep your eyes on the lookout for the wall on the left. You’ll spot some suspicious looking regular coins that are halfway through the wall. This is your clue that there is another hidden alcove over there. Sometimes while playing through this Nintendo Wii game, there are subtle clues to help you out in your quest. Jump over into the suspicious coins and there is a hidden alcove that contains the second item for this level.

Continue going through this level, and you will discover that there are two exits. You want to take the alternate exit to reach the special third Nintendo item you want. Before this, when you go through the normal exit there will be tons of boos and even a giant boo. As you fall through and dodge all of these enemies, there is only one way to defeat these enemies for this Nintendo Wii game. An invincibility star is the only thing that will destroy the boo foes throughout the house. You can try to use fireballs or other powers and they won’t work. Hit the item boxes and in some you will find invincibility stars in the house. Quickly jump through and touch the boos to defeat as many as you can. Other Nintendo items you find will not help, you need a star.

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