World 4.0 Ghost House Star Coins New Super Mario Bros Wii

Every world in the Nintendo Wii New Super Mario Bros game has a ghost house in it. There are many different hidden secrets inside of this part of New Super Mario Bros Wii. Read the article below to find out how to get all three Star Coins.

There are three Star Coins for Super Mario to find in the Ghost House of world four. As soon as you start the level take Mario directly to the left and there is a little hidden area. Go as far as you can with Mario, and jump up to find a secret invincible star. Now you can run through the first part of the level and defeat any of the enemies that you can. This item can really help you in starting the Ghost House for New Super Mario Bros Wii. It can take you to the point where you find the very first Star Coin. Read on to find these Nintendo items for the game.

The first Star Coin for New Super Mario Bros Wii world 4 ghost house is in the room that has the rising and falling platforms. There are a lot of these wood platforms next to each other and they go up and down throughout the room. In this part of the world 4 ghost house, the sixth wood platform that is going up and down contains the first one. Wait until the platform falls all the way to the bottom, and the you’ll see the very first Star Coin. It’s just behind this platform, so you need to wait until it goes all the way down to see it.

This isn’t exactly a walkthrough for the world four ghost house, but there will be some tips to help you out. When you get to the end of the first room, it looks like your video game might be coming to an end. There is a door encased in bricks that seems impossible to get to. This is another puzzle Nintendo has put inside of New Super Mario Bros Wii. There is always an answer, and if you think about it, you might figure it out. How is it possible to change the form of bricks in this Super Mario Bros game? Look for a P-Switch hidden at the top of the ceiling, just above the encased boor.

Now onto the second Star Coin for the world 4 ghost house in New Super Mario Bros Wii. In the next room after you get the first one, go all the way to the end of this room. There is a door here surrounded by wooden walls to the right, and also above Super Mario. Don’t go through this door, instead, take Mario to the right and look for an invisible secret area in the wall. Go through this area and up, and you’ll see the second Nintendo Star Coin. Nintendo has made finding this one almost impossible, unless you know exactly where to look. Go all the way to the end of the next room after the first one you get, and you will find this secret hidden area.

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