World 4-4 Star Coins New Super Mario Bros Wii

In the water world of New Super Mario Bros Wii 4-4 there are three Star Coins for you to find. One of them is hidden and you can’t find it with any clues in the game. Read this Nintendo Wii article to finish this level and find the secrets.

The world of 4-4 in New Super Mario Bros Wii continues the tropical theme, and takes Super Mario underwater. There were several water levels in the original classic Super Mario Bros game, but there are some new things in the newer Wii game. This level can be easier for you if you have the ice balls. When you throw ice at the enemies underwater, they freeze into a block then float to the top and die. This can help you while going through the level. Now on to the Nintendo items to collect in this part of your Nintendo Wii video game.

The first Star Coin for world 4-4 in New Super Mario Bros Wii is after the checkpoint. Keep swimming as you go through the level and continue through the checkpoint. After you get through it, there are a lot of pipes on the ground and on the ceiling that are putting out water flow with bubbles. Keep you eyes on the ceiling after the checkpoint, and around all the pipes with bubbles coming out. There is a P-Switch at the top of the ceiling. Activate the switch, and then follow the blue Nintendo coins that appear to the yellow pipe.

Take Super Mario into the yellow pipe and you’ll be in a special room with the first Star Coin. Just as you get into the room from the pipe, there are two yellow question blocks. Hit both of these and get the penguin suit that Super Mario can use. This is one of the new abilities that Mario has in this Nintendo Wii game. In the previous Super Mario Bros 2D games, Mario never had this special suit. You’re going to need to use it in this room to get to the top where the coin is. Use the ice balls to freeze the only fish in the water, the Cheep Cheep.

Now after the fish is frozen, it will turn into a block and float to the top of the water. Jump on the block with Super Mario and then grab the first one. Now exit this room and continue through the level. The second Star Coin for world 4-4 in New Super Mario Bros Wii is coming up quickly. Swim through the Cheep Cheeps and the Bloopers and use your ice balls to defeat them. You just got the penguin suit, so Super Mario still has the ice balls. At the bottom of the screen between some of the pipes is the second one. Grab it, and then head for the last one. This is the easiest one to get for the whole level.

Now that you’ve got the first two, the third and final one is coming right up. Right after you get the second one, continue swimming and you’ll see the arrow sign and a green exit pipe on the ceiling. Don’t exit out just yet, the third Star Coin for New Super Mario Bros Wii world 4-4 is under your nose. Nintendo has hidden this one, unlike the other two in this level. Just to the left of the arrow sign is a huge column that looks completely normal. Swim inside this huge tall column, next to the arrow sign and there is a hidden area inside of it. Inside is the third 4-4 Star Coin. Swim inside the column, and then exit out to finish the level.

This completes finding the three Star Coins for world 4-4 in New Super Mario Bros Wii. There is one more numbered level to go in this world, and if you need help with it you can look at the previous published content. Your New Super Mario Bros Wii will be getting more difficult, and you can find game help right on this site.

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