World 5.0 Castle #2 Star Coins New Super Mario Bros Wii

There are two different castles in world five, and this guide is for the final second castle that Super Mario finds in the world. Read the Nintendo tips here and find out how to get all three Star Coins for the world five castle on the Nintendo Wii.

This guide is for the big castle in world five of New Super Mario Bros Wii. On this Nintendo Wii game there are usually two different castles, and sometimes a ghost house and an airship. Mario won’t need to go through an airship in this world, the last level in this world is the second castle. In some of the previous levels there are the fences that Mario can climb on. The fences return in this level, but now they are spinning circular fences. Be careful with Mario as you travel through the castle, and try to avoid the green flames coming from the boss.

The very first Star Coin for the world five castle in New Super Mario Bros Wii is shortly after you start the level. Hit all of the item boxes just before you get to the first one. The first one is right above the lava, and it will be impossible for Super Mario to jump down and get it in a normal way. Just prior to finding the coin, there is an item box with the Nintendo item called the propeller hat. This new item for this Nintendo Wii game will help you get the very first one. Use the flying capabilities of the hat and grab the coin. As soon as you get the coin, fly back up in the air to safety. If you want to get this, you’ll need to have the propeller hat, so don’t miss the item box.

Now if you have ever played the original Nintendo Super Mario Bros game, you might remember what it was like going through the castles in that game. As soon as you would get closer to finding Bowser, you would have to dodge all of his orange flames flying at you. This only happened though towards the very end of the castle. In this world five castle of the Nintendo Wii game, you’ll have to deal with green flames throughout the castle. This combined with the spinning fences may make it difficult for you to get through the castle. The flames will shoot towards you and you can quickly move out of the way to avoid getting hit. Now to the next Nintendo item.

The second Star Coin for the world five castle in New Super Mario Bros Wii has been very well hidden. Nintendo has put this one in one of those invisible areas of the game, and you might miss it if you’re not looking for it good.  Right after you get the first coin, the next one is at the very first circular spinning fence that you see. This one has a wooden center to it, and there are two windows in the stone where you can see the top of the spinning fence. You can take Super Mario into where the windows are, while going up into the little grooves that are in the stone. On the left one, you’ll find the second coin hidden here in an invisible alcove. You can also go into the one on the right to get a few coins.

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