World 5-2 Star Coins New Super Mario Bros Wii

Next up for the Nintendo Wii game of New Super Mario Bros Wii is the world of 5-2. Inside of this world you will discover three special Nintendo items called the Star Coins. Use this article to find them all if you are having some difficulty.

Are you a classic Nintendo game player? If so you will love this next world of New Super Mario Bros Wii. In the classic Super Mario game for the Super Nintendo, Mario encountered the caterpillar enemies in that adventure. Now these enemies make a return in this Nintendo game too. This article will tell you how to find each of the three Star Coins in this world for New Super Mario Bros Wii. Let’s get started with your gaming fun.

The first Star Coin for world 5-2 is before the checkpoint and it is easily spotted flying high in the air. Just like mentioned before, this Nintendo game has the classic caterpillar enemies that are called the Wigglers. In this level, there are Wigglers everywhere and you need to use them to your advantage for the very first coin. Go to the highest platform under the first one and bounce off the Wigglers to reach high into the air. You can also use Mario to get the first coin, by utilizing the item called the P-O-W block.

Yep, these are the same Nintendo items that were in the other Super Mario games. Use the P-O-W block and you can get the first Star Coin that way also. That does it for getting the first one. It’s not too difficult if you’ve been playing a lot of Nintendo games in the past. Sometimes you can use your skills from years before in this game, to find all of the items you need. You don’t really need the Star Coins, but when you get them, some special extra features will be unlocked in your game. If you want every item in this game, then go for it all.

After awhile the level will go underground, and this is where you will find your next item. The second Star Coin for world 5-2 in New Super Mario Bros Wii is when you go below ground. In this part of the game there are huge Wigglers lurking about, and you need to use them to get the second item. Flying under a platform is the second one, but you can’t reach it with a normal Super Mario jump. Use the huge Wigglers to bounce off of, and reach up and grab the second Star Coin. Don’t fall below to the poison area or your game will get cut short.

Now as you are under ground, there will be a part where you need to use a Wiggler to cross everything with. As you are going across with this Wiggler, you’ll spot the place you need to go for the third Star Coin in world 5-2. Your New Super Mario Bros Wii playing for this level is almost over, as this is your last one to get. Now as you are travelling on the Wiggler, there will be a group of three blue bats at the top, and just to the left of them is a ledge that you can go to. This ledge the bats are on is where the third coin is to get.

You can see that this ledge is really high up and you can’t just jump up there with Mario to reach it. Bounce off of the huge Wiggler, and reach the ledge up there. Follow the path and you’ll come out of a yellow pipe and into a room that contains the final third coin for world 5-2. Now while you play New Super Mario Bros Wii, you come across an item called the propeller block. There are two of these in this room and you need to use them to fly up to the coin. Fly up and grab the third one, then head for the end of the level.

This completes finding all three Star Coins for world 5-2 in New Super Mario Bros Wii. This is one of the best Super Mario games that has ever been created by Nintendo. They should have come out with a 2D game again sooner, but since the Nintendo 64 was released, every Super Mario game has been in 3D.

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