World 6-5 Star Coins New Super Mario Bros Wii

You’re here because you want to find out how to find the three Star Coins in world 6-5 in New Super Mario Bros Wii. Nintendo has cleverly hidden some items in this Nintendo game, and this article will shed light on how to find them.

This is one of those sort of combo worlds in New Super Mario Bros Wii that has land you cross over, and water at the very bottom. You need to be careful at the bottom of this world with the dangerous sea creatures that can end your Nintendo game quickly. In this level of 6-5 are three Star Coins that you can find. One of them is very well hidden and you may not find it on your own. Read the Nintendo secrets below to find out everything.

While you are going through 6-5 in New Super Mario Bros Wii, the first Star Coin is out in the open for you to see. It’s inside of a little cave in the rock, and at the bottom is a yellow block that you can jump onto. You don’t want to go directly after the first Star Coin for world 6-5 just yet. There is a fish down there that can damage your Nintendo character if you don’t defeat it first. Before you go down to the item, use the fireballs from Mario and fry the fish. Now jump down and get the first one, and then go one for the next one.

Getting the ones from this level is super easy, right? You shouldn’t have any problem with the first Star Coins in this level from New Super Mario Bros Wii. The second one is just as easy as the first. It’s out in the open and it’s easy to spot. This one too, is also in a little cave and is down by the water. Be careful and drop down from the small ledge that is right above the Star Coin. This tiny ledge will give you easy access to the platform on the bottom and you’ll land directly on the Nintendo Star Coin when falling from above.

Now you’ve got the first two, and now on to the third Star Coin for world 6-5 in Nintendo’s New Super Mario Bros Wii. This is the one that Nintendo has hidden very well in the game. This one is not out in the open for you to discover, and the game itself really doesn’t give too many clues on how to find it. That’s why you have this Nintendo strategy guide right here. The third Star Coin for world 6-5 is in the spot where there are four yellow question blocks in the water together. This will clue you in to the whereabouts of Nintendo item number three.

There are two huge stone platforms rising from the water, and in between the water are the four yellow question blocks that were just mentioned here. Between blocks number two and three, is a hidden block that has a vine that leads into the sky. Jump between the second and third blocks, to reveal the hidden block vine. Nintendo made finding the last one tricky didn’t they? Jump up and take the vine in the sky to the final coin for world 6-5 of New Super Mario Bros Wii. You’re not quite finished yet though, you still need to search a little bit.

When you climb the vine, notice the yellow blocks that have wings on them. Find the second block that has wings on it, then use a propeller block to fly high in the sky, up past this second yellow winged box. At this place in the sky, you’ll find Star Coin number three for world 6-5. This is it, now you’ve collected all of the Nintendo items for this world in your Nintendo Wii game. Stay alive and finish this level so the Star Coin(s) you collect will be saved to your game inventory. You need to do this or your game info won’t be saved.

This completes finding all three Star Coins for world 6-5 in this level of New Super Mario Bros Wii. The first two were really easy, but Nintendo made finding the third Star Coin a little more tricky. Now you are getting closer to opening up more game secrets hidden in this Nintendo game. Stay tuned for more Super Mario game tips.

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