World 6-6 Star Coins New Super Mario Bros Wii

There are six numbered levels in world six of New Super Mario Bros Wii. This guide will tell you how you can find all three Star Coins for world 6-6. Follow these easy strategies to complete world 6-6 in your Nintendo Wii video game.

Nintendo has put in three Star Coins to world 6-6 in New Super Mario Bros Wii. If you find them, you’ll be granted a special reward for discovering them. This world of New Super Mario Bros Wii is a combination of swimming and an underground level. In this level is a light that guides Mario through the world, so it can be easy to miss the Star Coins if you don’t know where they are. Use these simple Nintendo strategies to finish world 6-6.

The very first Star Coin for world 6-6 is before the check point, and just after you start the level underground. Now you need to know how this level works. The light will follow Mario where he is, so you won’t always be able to see everything on the screen. This can make finding the Nintendo items a little difficult. The POW block is the clue to where the first Star Coin is. When you see the POW block, follow the upper route to put the light on the coin. It’s between the POW block and a green pipe in the air. Jump up to get it, and go on to the next one.

The second Star Coin for world 6-6 in New Super Mario Bros Wii is after the check point. You will know when this one is coming, when you see the second jumping spring. After you see this Nintendo object, the second one will be flying kind of in mid air. Since the light should be shining towards the middle, you will probably easily spot this one. Use the spring to jump up to get this second one, or you could also bounce off of the flying bats to reach it. You could use this method just in case you don’t have any jumping springs on your raft.

Now you’ve got the first two Nintendo Star Coins for New Super Mario Bros Wii world 6-6. There is just one last one to get for your Wii game. The third Star Coin for world 6-6 is just after you get the second one. You’ll know it’s getting close when you see the propeller block about mid way on your screen. Keep the light towards the middle of your screen and you’ll see the propeller block easily. This Nintendo item in New Super Mario Bros Wii gives Mario the ability to fly in the air. After you get the block, put it down on your raft.

You want to do this because there are bats on the low ceiling coming up and they will damage you more easy if you’re holding the block. So set the block down, and try to avoid the bats as they are flying down towards Mario. Now right after these flying bats you’ll see a block next to two regular Nintendo yellow coins. Use the propeller block to fly up to the left of this block with two coins, and in a little cave, you’ll find the third Star Coin. Now you’ve finished finding all of the Star Coins for world 6-6 in New Super Mario Bros Wii.

This completes this world, and now you’re ready to move onto other levels in world 6 for additional Star Coins. The castle and airship of world 6 also have three additional Star Coins each to find. If you want help on finding other Nintendo items for your New Super Mario Bros Wii game, please check out previous video game articles.

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