World 7-2 Star Coins New Super Mario Bros Wii

This Super Mario Bros game is different from the first ones that Nintendo released in the early 1990’s. If you find every Star Coin, you get special access to secrets in the game. Follow this New Super Mario Bros Wii article below for 7-2.

OK, so now you’ve been through tons of worlds in New Super Mario Bros Wii and have already collected a lot of stuff. You might want your game to be finished, but there are just a few more Star Coins to get in this Nintendo game. Just like the worlds before it, the world 7-2 has three hidden Star Coins. Just follow some simple tips to get these coins in your game, and continue getting the final ones. There are eight worlds in New Super Mario Bros Wii so the bright spot is, your Star Coin collecting days are now almost over.

You will find the first Star Coin just before the checkpoint in world 7-2. Maybe you know this Star Coin, its close to a Chain Chomp enemy and it looks like this one is impossible to get. No coin in New Super Mario Bros Wii is impossible to get. To get the first Star Coin, you’ve got to get rid of the Chain Chomp down there or you will never ever get the coin. It’s not possible for Mario to break open the blocks that are in the way of the coin, so you’ll need Chain Chomp to open up a path to the coin. Nintendo didn’t want to make this one easy, did they?

Listen up, this part of getting the coin is important. The Chain Chomp has to be facing to the right for you to get the Star Coin. To free him, you need to pound the ground with your New Super Mario Bros Wii character three times. There is a little post connected to the Chain Chomp, this is what you want to ground pound three times. Make sure when you do this, that the enemy is facing to the right. Once the final pound, if he is facing right, he will chomp through the bricks. Now, Mario has easy access to the first Star Coin. Go and grab the coin.

There are just two more to get now in your Nintendo Wii adventure. This one is after the checkpoint in world 7-2, and just after you jump down from a huge Bullet Bill tower. If you don’t know what a Bullet Bill is, then your are obviously not a vet Nintendo game player. The Bullet Bill enemies in Super Mario Bros are the bullets that shoot out of the black cannons, and there is a little skull on the cannon. When you jump down there is a yellow question block, followed by a normal block, and then another yellow question block.

Just to the left is a green pipe. It might be hard to see due to the clouds floating by at the bottom of the screen. This is why there is such a detailed description about where it is that you will find the second Star Coin for world 7-2. Anyway, this is the pipe that leads to the second New Super Mario Bros Wii coin you need in this part. As soon as you get out of the green pipe, the next Star Coin is floating above the third water bubble down here. You’ve now got the second star coin in your game. Now on to the final one.

The third Star Coin in world 7-2 is located after the check point. You should be excited, this is your last star coin of this world in your New Super Mario Bros game. But, you’ve still got more to find later. The third Star Coin is right after the pipe to the second one, and its in between two of the Chain Chomp enemies. The best tip to give you to get this one, is to fall down through the water bubble thats just above the Star Coin. Fall down when the Chain Chomps are both leading towards the left, the fall through the bubble and grab the third Star Coin quickly. That’s it, you just got the final one for New Super Mario Bros Wii world 7-2.

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