World 7-5 Star Coins New Super Mario Bros Wii

There are six parts to the seventh world in New Super Mario Bros Wii. This guide will focus on where the Star Coins are for the world of 7-5. Follow the simple tips in the article to discover all three locations to the Nintendo Star Coins.

If you have been reading the previous guides, you have now found all of the Star Coins for the previous parts of world 7 in New Super Mario Bros Wii. There are two more parts to this world, not counting any of the houses or castles, and this article will focus on world 7-5. Just like in the other Super Mario worlds, this one also has three hidden locations for the Star Coins. Keep reading to find the locations and continue on with your Nintendo fun.

The first Star Coin of world 7-5 will come before you make it to the checkpoint. In each Super Mario Bros Wii level there is a checkpoint, just like in this level also. In the part where you will discover the first Star Coin, there is a huge gap between the grassy areas, and a yellow platform you need to get on to ride the gap. Now across this gap is a huge cloud, and the cloud is covering a grassy area with the first Star Coin. Just under the middle of the yellow platform, and hidden in the cloud, is where you will find this coin. It can be easy to miss.

This cloud may or may not be covering the Star Coin, so it might be easy to find for you. But if you can’t see it, it’s because of the huge cloud that is there. Now you’ve got the first Nintendo Star Coin, and onto the last two for this level in New Super Mario Bros Wii. The second Star Coin for world 7-5 will come after the checkpoint. You will clearly be able to see this Star Coin, as it is just under a grassy platform. There is a row of regular coins, just under the Star Coin. This is where the secret is to getting this next Nintendo coin.

Just like in many of the classic Super Mario Bros Nintendo games, you need to change this row of coins into bricks. To the right of this area are two bricks close together. Jump to the bricks and inside of one is the classic Super Mario Bros P switch. Yes! Now you’ve got a path to get the second Star Coin for world 7-5. As you know, there is a limited time to the P switch, it won’t last forever. Jump over to the Star Coin and grab it before the time stops. You now only have one more Star Coin to get in this world of New Super Mario Bros Wii.

There is a place in world 7-5 where there are three of the cloud maker enemies close by each other. One is on the bottom part of the world, the next is in the middle, and the third cloud maker is towards the top, higher that the other two. Between the three cloud makers is a red Koopa Trooper enemy. Look very carefully at the cloud enemy at the very bottom. The secret to getting the final Nintendo Star Coin is there.

Right next to this enemy, is an unusual space or gap in the side of the wall. Go here and you will discover a hidden alcove under the grassy area. Inside of this secret alcove, is the final Star Coin for this world in New Super Mario Bros Wii. This can be the trickiest coin to find in this level, but you will find it right next to the trio of cloud maker enemies. You’ll easily spot the opening to the alcove also, if you look closely right by the cloud enemy that is on the bottom. After you get this one, that’s the final Nintendo coin for this part of the world.

You’re not quite yet finished with your New Super Mario Bros Wii game yet. This world seven has six parts of the world to go through, so there is one more normal level to find Star Coins in. Plus you also have the houses and castles you need to adventure in too. Stay tuned for more Super Mario Bros Wii secrets coming soon.

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