World 8-1 Star Coins New Super Mario Bros Wii

World eight in New Super Mario Bros Wii is the lava world in this Nintendo Game. This one has more parts than the previous worlds, so there are more Star Coins to find. Find out where all three locations are to the coins in world 8-1 right here.

This Super Mario Nintendo game should bring back a lot of memories if you are a veteran Nintendo player. Remember way back when Super Mario Bros 3 was released and there was a lava world with King Koopa in world 8? When you start in world 8 for New Super Mario Bros Wii, you can see that this world too is also made of lava. There are three Star Coins to find in this world 8-1 of your Nintendo Wii video game.

You shouldn’t have a lot of trouble finding the first one. When you get to it, there is a huge long platform that will help you gain access to the Star Coin. You need for the platform to lean all the way down to the left, and rising up in the air to the right. When its like this, run with your Nintendo character and jump in the air to reach the first Star Coin of this world. You don’t need to worry to much about where you land. There is a platform right under the spot where you will fall down, so you won’t go into the deadly lava.

This first one for world 8-1 of New Super Mario Bros Wii was pretty easy, right? There are two more to go for this world. The second Star Coin is at the part where you get to after the checkpoint, and there is a POW block. Jump up and hit the block and the second Star Coin will be revealed. It will appear in the sky and come down. Grab this one and get ready to go to the next one. Now there is only one last Star Coin to get for this part of your New Super Mario Bros Wii game. The collecting in world 8-1 in pretty simple, but it will get more tough later on.

When you are at the end of this world, you’ll see a green exit pipe at the top of the screen. There is also a purple platform, and a tall vertical row of bricks blocking your way to the other side. This is the final trick Nintendo put here for you to get the last one. Wait until the purple platform is tilted to the highest point in the air, to the right, and then you can jump over the vertical row of bricks. If you are “Super” Mario, finishing this part of your Nintendo game will be easy. Use Mario to jump up, break the bricks, and then grab the third Nintendo Star Coin.

You need to be big Mario to do this. Even if you don’t have Mario’s super power as being big, you can still get the last one. There is one brick over by the pipe that you can use to bounce from pipe to brick, and then get on top of the bricks where the third Star Coin is at. By doing it this way, you don’t necessarily need to be grown up Mario for this part of the game. This is the last collectible to get in New Super Mario Bros Wii world 8-1. This world is longer than the one before it, so there are a few more Nintendo Star Coins to get this time.

Just what the heck is up with all this collecting in New Super Mario Bros Wii? If you’ve been a Nintendo game player for a long time, you know that when you collect 100% of items, you get some kind of extra special goodie in the game. This is also true for New Super Mario Bros Wii. When you find every single Star Coin in this Super Mario game, you’ll also be rewarded with something special from Nintendo. Stay tuned for more tips.

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