World 8-2 Secret Exit New Super Mario Bros Wii

This is one of the final levels in New Super Mario Bros Wii. In the world of 8-2 you can find a secret hidden exit if you look carefully. Read these Nintendo Wii tips.

After hours of video game playing on your Nintendo Wii, you are now finally at the last levels of the game. Is world 8 really then end of the Super Mario adventures? You’ll have to wait and see, however, you might already know the answer to that. In the eighth world of the game, you can find a hidden exit in the second level. Go to world 8-2 like you normally would, and then go to the checkpoint flag. It’s from here at the checkpoint that you will want to follow the next set of directions very carefully. If you don’t follow them exactly as they are, you will miss the hidden exit and you won’t be able to find all of these Nintendo Wii secrets.

Go past the checkpoint flag and jump over the huge spinning stone circles. Just after the flag you will see a red ring that will activate the red coins. You can go ahead and get these extra goodies right now if you want to, or just ignore it and continue to finding the secret exit for 8-2. In the area where you do the red coin collecting there are a ton of Goombas on the spinning platforms. Be careful through this area, you could easily die if you don’t watch it. There are bigger sized enemies that will split into two when you bounce on their head. Continue past this area and you will see a yellow and red pipe coming out of the stone. Just under these pipes, this is where you got one of the hidden Star Coins. If you’ve got this already, just continue on.

You are getting much closer to the secret exit for world 8-2 in your Nintendo Wii game. It’s just past the red and yellow pipe, where you will find the hidden wall that contains the path to the secret exit. Jump over the red and yellow pipe and follow the path. There are spinning spiked balls around here, and you need to move around quickly to avoid them. Just past the red and yellow pipes, look for the second circular spinning stones. There will be a small one just after the red and yellow pipes, and then another one shortly after. At this second spinning circular stone, is where you will find the hidden pathway to the secret exit in world 8-2. Jump on this second spinning circular stone, and walk directly to the left. There is an invisible wall that Super Mario can walk through.

If you look carefully around the area, there is a clue that hints that there could be a secret lower level. Look at the red bridge and you will see another red bridge just under that one. This is the hidden clue that Nintendo has put in the game to help you to figure out this secret. Nintendo may have put this clue there, but it still could be difficult to spot for a casual gamer. When you walk through the wall there, you will go through an invisible area and discover a green pipe. This next room leads you to a red flag which is the secret exit for world 8-2. This is how to find the secret exit for world 8 in New Super Mario Bros Wii. There are a total of two different exits in this level. The one with the red flag is the secret hidden one, and the black flag leads you out of the normal regular exit. There are more Nintendo secrets to be revealed soon.

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