World 8-2 Star Coins New Super Mario Bros Wii

This is another one of those classic Super Mario Bros worlds where there is lava. In the world of 8-2 are three hidden special Star Coins. Follow the Nintendo Wii guide right here to find these secrets in New Super Mario Bros Wii.

You read the previous article and found the three Star Coins for world 8-1, right? Well now it’s time to advance in this next world in New Super Mario Bros Wii. The collecting in this world is a little more difficult than the previous ones. It’s supposed to be this way though, isn’t it? The further you get in your Nintendo game, the deeper the challenge should be. That is, until you read this cheat guide. Then you’ll know everything there is to do.

The first Star Coin for world 8-2 in New Super Mario Bros Wii isn’t that hard to find. It’s just up a series of the smaller red platforms in the game. Just after you see two big Goombas that are together, the first ones you encounter in world 8-2, you’ll see the red platforms going up in the air. Go up the platforms and grab the very first Star Coin. See, wasn’t the first one easy? It is possible to miss this one if you keep going straight and jump through the stone platforms that go into the lava. Just jump up through the sky there, and you won’t miss it.

Your collecting is already 33% done for world 8-2 in New Super Mario Bros Wii. The next two Star Coins are definitely difficult to find. In fact, if you didn’t have this guide you might spend hours trying to find these two. The second Nintendo Star Coin for world 8-2 is after the checkpoint and close to two pipes coming out from the stone platforms. One pipe is yellow, and another one is red and they are stacked on top of each other in a horizontal position. Just to the left of these pipes are two bricks, and in the first brick is a Fire Flower.

Don’t be concerned with the Super Mario Bros flower, this just gives away the spot where the second Star Coin is for this New Super Mario Bros Wii world. Look under the pipes, and you’ll see a mysterious rectangular cut out section of the stone wall. It looks like there is nothing there, but it is actually a hidden cave that has the second Nintendo star coin in it. Nintendo put a lot of these secret areas in the game, and there is another one right here. The little cut out rectangular section should give this secret away though. Keep your eyes open for this. Now on to the final section of your Nintendo Wii Mario game.

Getting the third Star Coin for world 8-2 is similar to the one before. It’s hidden inside of a secret area in the world. Go all the way through world 8-2 in New Super Mario Bros Wii, and stop at the point when you make it to the green exit pipe. Don’t go through it yet, the final Star Coin is right here. Nintendo hid this one a little more better than the one before. There really isn’t any clue as to where the secret cave is, but it’s right under the green pipe. Walk right under the little red platform and you’ll find the hidden area with the last one.

This completes finding all three Star Coins for world 8-2 in New Super Mario Bros Wii. The locations for the Star Coins are getting a little more elusive now that you are further in the game. You’re not even close to being done yet, there are a lot more levels in New Super Mario Bros Wii to go through. More secrets are coming soon.

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