How to Activate Youtube Account on Xbox

How to Activate Youtube Account on Xbox.

How to Activate Youtube Account on Xbox? may be you got problem with Activate your Youtube Account on Xbox, may be this way can help you to resolve problem about Activate Youtube Account on Xbox, and i found 3 ways to activate your youtube account on xbox, that simple but if you not following the step you will get problem and you will be confused about it, yeah i think activate youtube account in xbox requires patience.

By linking your Xbox gamertag with a YouTube account, you can access your Watch Later, Playlists, Favorites, Subscriptions, and more. However, not all of the content on the video sharing site is available, including some trademarked and licensed content from official partners.

You can even associate your existing YouTube account with your Xbox 360 and access your uploaded videos, playlists, and subscriptions. If you’re so inclined, you can even “Like” stuff – however it’s not clear if you’ll be able to comment (or read existing comments) – but then, if you’ve ever done that before, chances are pretty good you won’t want to ever do it again.

Bringing YouTube to the 360 is all part of Microsoft’s recent initiative to turn Xbox Live into less of a gaming service and more of a multimedia service. The company already offered Netflix and Hulu Plus. Now, with the recent dashboard update, users can get access to 26 TV channels from Verizon FiOS, OnDemand movies from Comcast, and more.

1) Go right to the left when you already have youtube opened on your xbox & it will say activate your account or something along the lines of that. Select that.

2) You will be told a code, Go to the site it tells you on your computer or laptop and it will ask you to login to your google account that is linked to your youtube account. When you have logged in to your google account linked to your youtube follow the next step.

3) It will next ask you for your code you was prompted with on your console. Just enter that code and hit continue. Your youtube account will now be linked to your xbox account and you will have full access to everything on the xbox version!

If that ways can’t Activate Youtube Account on Xbox you can see the picture guide How to Activate Youtube Account on Xbox below:

1.go to your xbox dashboard

2.Then select See All.

3.Then select the Video app ( youtube ) get started

5.After selecting Get Started, the next screen gives you a code. On your computer log into the site.

6.Log into YouTube, then type in the activation code from the Xbox. ( )

This will link your gamer tag on Xbox Live to your YouTube account. When you watch videos on YouTube via the Xbox 360 console, the title of the video will be displayed on your Xbox Live Online Status.If you’re concerned about privacy – turn this setting off.

Or If That ways still can’t Activate Youtube Account on your Xbox, you can try the last way to activate youtube account on xbox below:

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