How to Fix a Scratched Xbox Game

Xbox, Playstaion, Wii, and Computer disks are all the same when it comes to scratches: it sucks. Read on to find out helpful hints in recovery.

While some Xbox CDs can have comparatively minor scratches, others have much more deep ones that will require some (literal) polishing. From buffing to professional aid, there are many ways you can fix a scratched up Xbox CD. In the following article we will detail just how to get your precious CD (most likely) working.

If your CD is skipping and has very minor scratches, consider simply buffing it. Most people already do it: blow and wipe. Blow (buff) hot air onto the disk, and then (with a clean white T-shirt) wipe it down until it shines. You may repeat this a few times until you have a nice disk without any dust on it. Pop in the CD and see if that works.

Now, if the scratches are minor, then simply buffering the disk will not work. Find a bottle of Windex (or similar glass cleaning liquid) and spray onto white T-shirt. Start from the inside hole of the CD and gently wipe across to the outside. Continue doing this until you have covered the entire Xbox disk. Do not wipe in little circles, as this has been known to cause problems with the CD.

Sometimes the scratches are medium, meaning a good decent fix is needed for it. Buffering and Windexing just doesn’t do it with these. For these, it is highly recommended to use car wax on the white T-shirt instead of a cleaning agent. Hopefully, the car wax will act as a filler for any small scratches in the protective layer of the compact disk. This has been known to work at times so don’t overlook it. Polish the CD in the same pattern as before: inside to outside, all the way around, never in circles.

Bummer, if you have a CD that still won’t work then you have a major scratch, as this author likes to call them. The odds of success at this point are pretty slim. You need professional help. Go to a CD repair store (or just about any audio shop) and either purchase some CD cleaning fluid or have someone behind the counter attempt to clean it for you. These specially designed fluids work like car wax, but are specially designed to fill in that protective layer. Again, your CD is pretty jacked up so don’t have high aspirations for a full (if any) recovery.

Maybe your Xbox fell over and made a big ring in your CD, or perhaps you stepped on the disk, but whatever the case you have a very major scratch. If the following steps did not work, your CD needs to be brought back to the store you bought it at for a refund. If there is no warranty then you need to buy another disk. The reason is, at this level of damage, if any progress is made at all it will be slight and your game will never be the same again. I’m sorry pal, sometimes (as yours truly can attest to) this s*** happens. Good luck, and happy CD fixing!


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