How to Get on The Table on The Map “Five” on Black Ops Zombies

In this article I will tell you how to get on the table in the first room in the zombie map "Five."

To get on the table first you will need to make sure it is not patched.  I am pretty sure it is on xbox and ps3.  To undo the patch all you have to do is go to your game menu and go all the way up to game data utility.  Then delete it.  This is only how you do it on ps3, I’m not sure how you do it on xbox.

Next you will need to go the game and don’t get the download if it asked for one.  Then when you get passed that you will load the game (note: this wont work on-line).  Of course you will want to load the map five.  So then when you get in the game I would go buy a gun off the wall just cause it is nice to have a decent gun.

Then you will need to go to window closest to the door that you can buy to go into the next room.  Break the bottom right, bottom left, and top left of the glass with your knife.  After you have done this you will need to repair the boards three times.  When you have repaired the first three boards then you will need to jump up onto them.  Remember when you are jumping onto the boards that you get all the way up onto the trim around the window.  After you have gotten all the way up there you will need to jump across onto the first table.  When you get onto that you will need to sprint and jump onto the next table because, if you don’t the table is to skinny and the zombies will hit you.  Now that you are on the table you can just let it sit and the zombies will just die off on their own.

I let it site all night one time and got to round 61 and then playstation network got back up so I decided to go play instead of just watch zombies die for 3 hours.

As you can see this is a good glitch so you can go brag to your friends saying that you made it to round 61 one zombies and they will think you are so good, when all you actually did was look at this article and got onto the table.

Thanks for reading this and hope you enjoy your table glitch.

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