How to Rank Up Fast in Halo Reach

Easy ways to rank up in halo reach.

Hello today I will be showing you how to rank up fast in a little game known as halo reach. There will be two different ways to rank up legit and cheating.


The first way I will talk about is the legit. I will be explaining three ways to rank up

1.Daily challenges.This may not seem like an obviously way but most people don’t complete all the challenges. If you try and get the hard challenges that you normally wouldn’t you can make an extra 500xp or up.

2.Score Attack.This method can earn you 1000xp or more each game and they only take 10min. First you go to matchmaking then cooperative and finally score attack. Once in score attack pick gruntapocalipse. This way is is really easy to kill the enemies and not die.

3.Commendations. This is also another way people would already know.I am talking about looking at your commendations after each game and seeing witch one you are the closet to complete. Once you find one that is close go into the game and try and get it.This ensures that you will try and get it. Ex. you sneak up behind someone instead of assassinating them you stick them with a sticky. 


The next way to rank up is cheating.Ii will warn you though that some of these methods or possibly all of them might get you banned.There is also a credit limit of 60,000 and if you go over that there is a chance of getting banned But these ways are a lot faster then the legit ways so, if you want to take the risk it anyway read on.

1.Reset Challenges

There are two methods for this.One is once the challenge is complete sign out of your profile and sign into one with no xbox live. After you sign into the non-xbox live profile sign out and sign in to the xbox live account.This should have reset your challenges allowing you to complete them again.The second way is to get a challenge to one away to getting it complete. Then go to a lobby and go into a game. Get the last required thing for the challenge and unplug your Internet connection. Once you disconnect from xbox live exit the game.Once in the lobby connect back to xbox live and your challenge should be one away from being complete.

That is pretty much it i hoped you enjoyed my guide on how to rank up fast in Halo Reach.Please leave a comment if you need help.

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